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Do the powers in control suck at their jobs? posted 29 Dec 2007, 01:12 by zephyr, Candidate

This kind of goes along with my other post. Assuming that the universe and cosmos were created by some being whether it be God or gods or aliens or superintelligent shades of the color blue, why was it created and is this creation lacking due to the creator's mistake? I am just interested in what anyone has to say concerning this question/s. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 01:12 by Mandati Wannabe, Candidate

I recommend reading the following document, "the Sophia of Jesus Christ", one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This one might be a little hard to understand, but there are other translations out there if you look. [url:1dqxsqnz][/url:1dqxsqnz] It describes the Gnostics' view of creation, which does agree with you that the universe is a cosmic 'mistake' in a sense. i.e. "The Perfect Savior said to them: "I want you to know that Sophia, the Mother of the Universe and the consort, desired by herself to bring these to existence without her male (consort). " They believe, as most Christians do, that God has a triune nature. God the Christ (who brings the Gnosis, the knowledge that allows us to ascend), God the Father (the Male side of Creation) and God the Sophia/Mother. Gnostics believe that this female half of creation IS inherently flawed, and thus created a flawed existence. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 02:12 by zephyr, Candidate

[i:3pcudfg9]Mandati Wannabe[/i:3pcudfg9] Sorry, I did not mean to say that that was my view on the universe. I simply just wanted to see what people had to say about it. But, thanks a lot for the link. I knew about that writing I just never took the time to study it. view post

posted 11 Feb 2008, 15:02 by skinspysexbot, Commoner

"And you were sent by the Son, who was sent that you might receive Light, and remove yourselves from the forgetfulness of the authorities, and that it might not again come to appearance because of you, namely, the unclean rubbing that is from the fearful fire that came from their fleshly part. Tread upon their malicious intent." She was able to bear fruit alone? I guess women really [i:34rerfeq]can[/i:34rerfeq] do anything! Do you care to extrapolate further mandati? As I always thought the gnostics believed the demiurge responsible for our inherrent flaws view post

Re: Do the powers in control suck at their jobs? posted 16 Jul 2008, 05:07 by Cironian, Peralogue

The universe was created because a need for variation, for thought, for exsistence. All matter and everything that exsists is God (as I've said in 'Is God Flawed??'), and is also flaw incaranate, due to flaw being lack of perfection, being presence of opinion, being variation, being exsistence. (Read previously mentioned post in 'Is God Flawed??' for elaboration.) Whether higher power "sucks at its job" is rather speculative: What is its job? If it's job is to exsist, as the universe does quite well, I do believe, it is doing its job quite swimmingly. Perfect? No. Perfection is unnattainable. (Once again, the other post.) But just fine. view post


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