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Cnaiur question posted 20 Dec 2007, 10:12 by medelman, Commoner

At the end of Chapter Sixteen, the following passage on Cnaiur appears: "He pulled the broken pieces from his belt and spread them in breathless wonder. He reassembled them. She was so sad. And so beautiful. Impossibly beautiful. Someone. He was forgetting to hate someone." For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is going on here. Broken pieces of what? Is the "she" referred to here Serwe? Is Serwe the "someone" that Cnaiur was "forgetting to hate"? I don't feel like Bakker was trying to be obtuse here; I just for some reason cannot figure out what is going on. Can anyone help? view post

posted 21 Dec 2007, 00:12 by Israfel, Peralogue

Can't recall the broken pieces reference, but the someone he's forgetting to hate is surely Kellhus? view post

posted 10 Jan 2008, 06:01 by Uroborian Circles, Candidate

I'm not sure what the pieces are referring to... but want to say it's in reference to Moenghus or at least something discussed in another flashback... As for: "Someone. He was forgetting to hate someone." It's the start of a new paragraph. New subject. I would say this doesn't refer to anyone in particular. Probably reference to the fact that he uses his hate to overcome his pain. view post

posted 11 Jan 2008, 18:01 by Mandati Wannabe, Candidate

I remember having problems with this passage also. I just interpreted as Cnaiur's madness owning him, throughout this whole section of the story. That's why he's 'forgetting to hate someone.' He has been mad most of his life, and he uses his hatred of Moenghus to control it. At this point in the story, he has completely lost control. As to the broken pieces, I always assumed it WAS his belt, but I could easily be mistaken. My basis for this thought, is the next scene we see Cnaiur in, he's seen "bent over what looked to be a belt." That could be much later though, I've just always connected the two. view post


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