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Of Kings and Emperors... posted 11 Dec 2004, 09:12 by Gable, Candidate

Hey there. So. I've been writing my ass off the past month or so, straining to meet the self-imposed deadline of December 20th to have completed a full 'Part' of the book I'm writing. Six complete chapters and a prologue. I write rather slowly--but love what I write, which I think is good, haha. Anyhow--question. Scott, I'd like to be made clear on what the rules are when referring to kings and emperors and princes and satraps and the such, with regards to capitalization. When to use King or king, you know? As well, the whole 'your Majesty' 'Your' capitalized? This may seem a silly question, but I use these terms a lot--or mis-use them, more likely. Oh, btw, I wrote to you earlier, when I was halfway through TWP, and you asked to know how I enjoyed the rest. Let's just say...I was slow to write back because I was too busy writing. Truly inspiring. last thing...would it be considered stalking to look up your agent's e-mail and send him this manuscript when it's 'grammatical errors' are solved? Ha ha, I mean, maybe my brother is blowing some serious smoke up my ass, but I think he'll like it. Anyhow, thanks for your time, and your work. Your books are amazing, and you're now official invited to my 'Life's Dream', where you'll share a table with Steven Erikson, Guy Gavriel Kay and I...wishful thinking, eh? AH, but one can dream. Thanks. Nicholas. view post

posted 11 Dec 2004, 15:12 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

To be honest, I can't remember exactly what the rules are. I remember looking them up then deciding not to worry about them. If the work is very Euro-medieval, you might want to google it, otherwise, the important thing is consistency within your text. As far as handing out my agents email address... :shock: He'd have my head on a platter! Have you workshopped your stuff yet? I'd recommend the Online Writer's Workshop if you haven't. view post

posted 12 Dec 2004, 00:12 by Gable, Candidate

Thanks for the swift reply. I hear ya, about the continuity within the text. Will do. And about your agent's e-mail...I asked because I'd already looked him up--googled him, actually, hehe--and found a literary agent website with him on it. I take it that's not the right course of action though? I'll be sending off multiple copies to publishers and, I suppose, literary agents after chirstmas...I just thought since you had 'kicked open the door' for Canadian fantasy writers in that instance--not to mention, I love the presentation of your books (in Canada, at least)--that it might be a good place to start. Ah well, we shall see. I'll be sure NOT to drop your name if I do! I'll just say that Terry Goodkind sent me. Haha..which reminds me, I had a brief correspondence with Ed Greenwood (forgotten realms creator) when I was in highschool. He lived in Ontario, near me, and actually took the time to edit a sizable peice of work for me. Very nice of him--except that he told me I had the same 'fire of good story-telling' as his last pupil--R.A Salvatore. At the time I hadn't read of the fantastical--and ludicrous--exploits of Bruenor Battlehammer and the rest of the generic D&D gang...but when I did....worst compliment I ever got! Hmmm....silly to put down the work of a puplished writer, I suppose. But, I mean, characters that chase thier dog into the woods behind thier house and are transported to a magical world of elves and faeries? HE STOLE MY IDEA! Anyway. Thanks again for the reply. A truly wonderful thing, this forum, and your attention to it. Thank you. view post

posted 12 Dec 2004, 00:12 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

That's actually very cool of Greenwood. Me, I'm always three or four obligations behind as it is... :roll: Have you already workshopped it, then, Nicholas? I wouldn't recommend shopping anything around - to agents or publishers - until you've workshopped the piece extensively with a number of different people. view post

posted 13 Dec 2004, 18:12 by Gable, Candidate

Wouldn't say I've 'work-shopped' it, no. Various peices of it are in the hands of a few friends I know with pretty extensive knowledge of A) Fantasy literature--big fans of you and Erikson themselves, and B) Grammer and structure. Would workshopping it normally mean letting other burgeoning writers read it/critique it, sorta thing? I may try that online writer's workshop you mentioned then. But can it really be more helpful then a guy named JIMBO? (my so-called proofreader/editor) I mean, haha, Jimbo knows a lot about A LOT! At any rate--thanks for your attentive replies. And heck--while I'm here, why don't I throw in some flattery. Know what part of TWP I was telling someone about this morning? Well, two parts actually. One is where Kellhus is alone, about to face the onslaught of some camel-riders, I believe, and you talk about the 'circle described by his stick/sword'. Very cool. Another--and this is one of my favorite peices of writing ever, was in TDTCB, when Cnaiur returns to the camp during that storm at night, when the 'usurping' chief hears the fingers of his son hitting his tent flap...a great scene, how the spurts of writng between thunderclaps and lightning get shorter as the storm draws nearer. Anyhow--off to plug away at my chirstmas deadline. Talk to ya later! view post

posted 14 Dec 2004, 01:12 by Erthaelion, Candidate

OWW is awesome, Gable. Honestly, I've let buddies read stuff, profs etc., but a full community of fan/sci fi fans who love to read and write is so much better than English people and/or people who read fantasy(who, unfortunately, read a plethora of crappy stuff like Dragonlance and Salvatore and their critical skills are somewhat lacking). You really get a spectrum of opinions- and not the biased opinion of your buddy who has to have beers with you and doesnt want you to punch him in the face if he says it sucks. Post it on the site here if you want; I can promise I'll at least have a rip on it during the drinking/Christmas break. Cheers view post

posted 14 Dec 2004, 02:12 by Gable, Candidate

Ok. Well. I did it. Erthaelion, other forum members, and heck, Mr. Bakker, if time allows...I posted two chapters from my work in the members works. Once I've completed the segment I'm working on (after Christmas or so) I'll be sure to try and workshop it. In the meantime, any feedback would be great. Good AND bad, hehe. Thanks alot. The Post in the written works is just called 'Nicholas Eames.' Anyone can feel free to e-mail me thier critique as well, at Oh! And hey! My member status went up! BOW BEFORE ME!!!!!! haha Cya! view post

posted 24 Dec 2004, 18:12 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

I think the most important part of something like the OWW is that it forces you to critique in order to be critiqued, and I sometimes think you learn more in the process of analyzing someone elses prose than in having your own analyzed. It also teaches the all important skill of discriminating between good criticisms and bad. view post

posted 27 Dec 2004, 09:12 by Fell, Peralogue

I just came across this thread, and in case anyone else is interested without having to search for it, the URL is: I will be looking into it in the next eighteen months, I am sure. view post


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