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Revenge posted 29 Nov 2004, 09:11 by Panda, Commoner

last Friday of week, when i was chatting in a chat room, i heard some scared voice in there. in first , i worried about that, but i soon realized that was my friend voice. He used voice changer sofware to scare me, :shock: i was really angry :evil: what can i do to revenge him :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: view post

posted 29 Nov 2004, 17:11 by AjDeath, Didact

Kill him? :?: view post

posted 30 Nov 2004, 03:11 by Da-krul, Auditor

I agree, but I'd go a more subtle way IE: Thru Arsnic Poisoning, Shotgun to the Face, and everyones favorite, sharks with lazers attached to thier heads. view post

posted 30 Nov 2004, 07:11 by Panda, Commoner

this way is too violence :D Maybe you guys can tell me another way :roll: any way, thanks for help , i love that way :D , but i can't do it :evil: view post

posted 30 Nov 2004, 08:11 by DuckLady, Commoner

I know one voice changer sofware at [url:1db2uduv][/url:1db2uduv] You can down can trick your friend for a revenge : :roll: or you want to kill him more than this????????? 8) view post

posted 04 Dec 2004, 14:12 by Aesmael, Candidate

If killing him is too strong a response, you could always try the old getting on and living a happy life is the best revenge. Its a shame that there aren't any other options. Ooh, Ooh! You could destroy something he loves, like a family member or a book. view post


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