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Mr. Bakker... posted 04 Nov 2004, 22:11 by maddroi, Commoner

Do you have an email address? I have a question to ask but it'd be inappropriate to do so here... view post

posted 04 Nov 2004, 23:11 by saintjon, Auditor

PM's are pretty much the same aren't they? view post

posted 05 Nov 2004, 00:11 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Welcome to the board, Maddroi. Saintjon is right. If you just click on the 'Memberlist' option on the main forum page, and then hit the 'pm' tab next to 'Cu'jara Cinmoi,' I'll receive a private message via the forum. view post

posted 05 Nov 2004, 01:11 by maddroi, Commoner

Thanks for the quick replies, guys! Not a lot of authors are familiar with or choose to use the full function of the message board they inhabit. Most of them prefer traditional email, which is why I asked. Sending my PM now! view post


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