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  • posted 28 Oct 2004, 16:10 by anor277, Didact

Attention: Loose Cannon, Mithfanion, Drosdelnach, and other users on the malazan board! Is it just my server, but I haven't been able to log in to the forum ( for about 2 days. Does anone have any news on its status? view post

posted 29 Oct 2004, 00:10 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Just to let you know Anor277, I havent been able to get into it either. Last Ive heard theyre trying to fix it but Ive only heard this from Mith who's a regular there. view post

posted 29 Oct 2004, 06:10 by anor277, Didact

@Drosdelnach, Thanx, actually I wanted up to pick some spoilers from the "Bonehunters" (which you might know all about now!). But patience is a virtue. Cheers. view post

posted 29 Oct 2004, 19:10 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Just so you dont have to wait for it Anor277 heres the book back for you. The seven Cities Rebellion has been crushed. Sha'ik Slain and now the Malaz 14th Army face one last rebel force, holed up in the city of Y'Ghatan. But this is a place of foreboding, for here, long ago, the Empire's greatest champion, Dassem Ultor, was slain and a tide of Malazan blood spilled. But elsewhere, agents of a far greater conflict have made their opening moves. The Crippled God has been granted a rightful place in the pantheon. The groundrules have changed, irrevocabley, terrifying. And the prize? Nothing less than existance itself.... I knew about the book back as I was the one who posted it initially. As to the sites problems I think that it could partially be due to running out of webspace with others trying to post at the same time, so really its due to cutting a big chunk of the spam off the board. Im hoping that it will be back on Monday. view post

posted 29 Oct 2004, 19:10 by anor277, Didact

Thanks again Dros...(I did know that you had indeed posted that thread!). It makes sense that the board is getting spammed out. Cheers. view post

posted 30 Oct 2004, 05:10 by Clarkesworld Books, Peralogue

FYI: I was able to get to the Malazan forums tonight. Looks like they are back up. -Neil view post


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