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Top 5 Sci-fi Series/ books posted 10 Sep 2004, 20:09 by eowyn1983, Peralogue

I thought this thread would be a nice accompaniment to the fantasy one. Just curious to know what people's favourite sf books are. 1. Dune (I liked a few of the other early sequels to this but the later ones not so much) 2. Ender's Game & subsequent books in the series 3. Asimov's Foundation Trilogy 4. Douglas Adam's Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy 5. Anne McCaffrey's Pern series (a guilty pleasure - I read her Harper Hall trilogy when I was a kid & fell in love with it) view post

posted 11 Sep 2004, 17:09 by Grantaire, Moderator

Hm, I actually haven't read all that much in the way of sci-fi. Dune is definitely up there, I've read the first three books in the series. Enders Game too is another great one that I've read. Other than that really, I haven't read too much. view post

posted 11 Sep 2004, 18:09 by legatus, Auditor

I tend to favour fantasy over sci-fi, but even so, Dune is among my favourite books of any genre. I always felt it struck the perfect balance between science and mysticism, whereas the sequels strayed from that balance a little, but were still good. I really enjoyed the series up to God Emperor, in any case. The prequels, on the other hand... well, I'll just say they got lost somewhere along the way, which isn't entirely surprising I suppose with Frank no longer at the helm. view post

posted 15 Sep 2004, 12:09 by Da-krul, Auditor

Enders Game, Then Dune... I don't really read alot of sci-fi books :oops: view post

posted 16 Sep 2004, 18:09 by Alric, Auditor

A short list of my favorites: 1. Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe (really 4 books plus a 5th that followed later) 2. Hyperion & The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons 3. Ilium by Dan Simmons (the second book Olympos hasn't been released) 4. A Canticle for Leibowitz by Miller jr. 5. Dune by Frank Herbert Ilium might be my favorite book of the bunch, but Wolfe's is a true must read of the genre and any literature for that matter. view post

posted 17 Sep 2004, 00:09 by eowyn1983, Peralogue

I'll have to put those on my reading list! I haven't read nearly as much sci-fi as I would like to. It's a shame that sci-fi and fantasy as a genre don't receive much crtical attention (of the positive sort I mean). view post

posted 17 Sep 2004, 00:09 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

I'll just name 5 that I don't think have been named yet, but in no certain order: Jeff VanderMeer, [i:287jxejw]City of Saints and Madmen[/i:287jxejw] Margaret Atwood, [i:287jxejw]The Handmaid's Tale[/i:287jxejw] Mikhail Bulgakov, [i:287jxejw]The Master and Margarita[/i:287jxejw] Zoran Zivkovic, [i:287jxejw]The Fourth Circle[/i:287jxejw] Elizabeth Moon, [i:287jxejw]The Speed of Dark[/i:287jxejw] Nope, no series there ;) view post

posted 06 Nov 2004, 16:11 by Aesmael, Candidate

Anything Reynolds has written so far Simmons' Hyperion Cantos Asimov's Robot/Foundation Stories (Also partial to [i:11a235ju]The Gods Themselves[/i:11a235ju] for some reason) Hamilton's Night's Dawn books Baxter's Read Dune, but I was about 13 at the time. So no memory of it to speak of. And there are a LOT of supposedly excellent sci-fi books I have not gotten hold of yet, perhaps even more so than in fantasy. view post

posted 24 Nov 2004, 05:11 by Kalief, Candidate

As many has already written 1. Asimov, Foundation and Robot series mainly 2. Ender's Game (the rest just weren't as good) 3. Ilium (Yes, it's better then the Hyperion cantos...Simmons just gets better and better) 4. Hyperion Cantos 5. Craig Bear's Eon/Eternity view post

posted 13 Dec 2004, 23:12 by DarkMatter, Peralogue

I've read very little sf and don't liked much of it, but two things stand out that I really like. Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adam And The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe view post


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