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Can I get some advice? posted 09 Sep 2004, 21:09 by Grantaire, Moderator

Particularly from anyone in/recently in high school or college. Regarding AP testing. I have learned that you're allowed to take AP tests without having taken the courses, and I'm considering attempting it this year. I'm a sophomore, and I have AP environmental science and AP government and politics courses in my schedule, so obviously I'll be taking those exams. But a friend and myself were discussing AP courses, and she told me that her older brother has taken four or five AP exams without taking the courses for them, and gotten 5's on all of them- starting as a sophomore. Do you think this would be a wise idea for me to try? I have nearly a full school year till the AP exams, so I could have a full year of study on my own, whereas the class might be only a semester long. I'm obviously thinking about attempting this in a subject that I'm naturally quite good at, such as world history, macroeconomics, or literature and composition (I obviously wouldn't try to do something like chemistry or physics that require lab work). So, have any of you tried this? If so, how did you do on the exams that you did independant work for? Thanks for the advice :) view post

posted 10 Sep 2004, 17:09 by Wil, Head Moderator

I say if you're willing to pay the 80 or so dollars risking that you won't get 3, 4, or 5, then do it. If you're not willing to take the risk, don't. I only took 1 AP test and got a four, but it was calculus. Also take into consideration that some schools don't accept AP credit. view post

posted 12 Sep 2004, 18:09 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Wil means college schools, I believe. Both he and I went to colleges which did not care that we had taken any AP tests. The classes yes. So in some cases I think it can be better to take the class opposed to the test. We both were in 3 AP classes, but only took one test. view post

posted 12 Sep 2004, 20:09 by Grantaire, Moderator

Ah, I see. Most of the colleges that I'm potentially interested in all accept AP tests for credit or advanced placement I believe. And actually, I believe there are ways to dodge the $80 price tag- I'm taking AP US gov't and politics this year, and collegeboard says that you can take that exam as well as AP comparative government for the price of a singe exam. Nifty way to dodge it :wink: view post


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