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'The Great Ordeal' or 'Horns of Golgotterath'? posted 08 Oct 2007, 11:10 by Deornoth, Candidate

This new instalment is one of the books that I'm particularly looking forward to, next year, but can anyone give me a definite title? I've heard it go by two different titles and was wondering if it just has a different title depending where it's being released. If I had to pick, I'd go for 'The Great Ordeal'... :wink: Cheers guys :D view post

posted 08 Oct 2007, 20:10 by Lies And Perfidy, Commoner

The former. "Horns" is the rumored title of the second book. view post

posted 09 Oct 2007, 12:10 by Deornoth, Candidate

OK, that makes more sense... Cheers! :D view post

posted 28 Oct 2007, 20:10 by Cohen, Peralogue

New book out next year, I doubt it. I wish I'd never found TDTCB when I did then I wouldn't have to wait so long for more Dunyain gratification. I've reread the series three times so far and I am thinking of doing it again.God help me if TGO takes any longer to be published. view post

posted 29 Oct 2007, 03:10 by Harrol, Moderator

Amen Brother! I have re-read the series five times and I still love it every time. view post

posted 01 Nov 2007, 22:11 by Madness, Peralogue

I'm comtemplating round eight. Thinking about starting the The Darkness That Comes Before when I get home. Just recently finished the Odyssey and it's got me pining for the adventures of another breaker of horses and men. The Prince of Nothing, honestly, gets better every single time I've read it. view post

posted 03 Nov 2007, 04:11 by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

for me, certain parts of the warrior prophet are awesome, and tDtCB is amazing because of how plainly things are laid out in comparison with the next two. But by far, TTT is the best of the three. For sheer event tonnage (the things that happen), the depth and breadth of the questions is answers and raises, and she sheer number of badass (and exquisitely written) scenes. Kellhus meeting Moenghus, Achamian fending off the Imperial Saik, The sacking of Shimeh, Cnair's battle against the imp. forces, the scenes with him and his "serwe". What is your favorite scene of all time in tPoN? mine is either the last scene where achamian renounces everything, and walks away a Wizard (probably as Scott intended) or the war-scene at the end of WP. view post

posted 04 Nov 2007, 22:11 by coobek, Candidate

I must say that the ones sticking in my head (at least right now) are, one from each book: 1. The duel with *unknown* Non-man which in descrete way shows already how Kelhus stands out physicly from the worldborn. 2. The battle of Mengedda and song of the Crusaders. 3. The last scene with Achamian renouncing Kelhus and his own wife. Having said that - my favourite character is Cnauir and most of his scenes are brilliant as well. view post

posted 20 Dec 2007, 00:12 by Hear Me Roar, Candidate

Well, now we're turning this into a best scene thread...damn, so many. I love the battle where Cnaiur realizes Conphas has a school with him and disaster ensues. I love any scene where Conphas doesn't buy Kellhus' story and condescends everyone. The scene where the thing called Skaeos freaks out at the site of Akka and we are introduced to the skin spies. too many to name... But my favorite has to be when Akka, thanks to his Wathi Doll gets lose and reigns gnostic wreckage on that stronghold. Sweet revenge view post


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