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Why is everbody insane now? posted 21 Jul 2009, 23:07 by Jerako, Candidate

Is it just me, or has the entire world gone mad? Or at least it seems that way. Akka is described as mad, so is Mimara. Cleric is quite insane, but he's a nonman, so that's ok. Moenghus II is mad, but imo so is Kellhus' entire family. I feel like I'm forgetting somebody, but I felt like every few pages Scott declared someone else 'mad.' What happened? It was cool in PoN, with Cnaiur being obviously insane, but we also saw exactly [i:jfa0m41a]why[/i:jfa0m41a] it happened. It was also cool wondering whether or not Kellhus was, in fact, broken by the wilderness. But, at least as far as I recall, that was it. Everyone else in PoN was "normal" (whatever that means). But I feel like all this insanity has gone quite out of control in TJE. Anyone else notice this? view post

Re: Why is everbody insane now? posted 22 Jul 2009, 18:07 by Harrol, Moderator

It appears that Kellhus represents modernization. The effect of modernization on people seems to cause a lot of problems. Look around us today our intellectual knowledge has exceeded our ability to cope with the changes it brings. view post

Re: Why is everbody insane now? posted 23 Jul 2009, 17:07 by Jerako, Candidate

In some, perhaps. But to be manifest in so many of the very figures that are central to that society? That's precisely my point. What if it speaks of the nature of Kellhus' "modernization," if it has psychologically broken those who first experience him? If what comes before determines what comes after, what does that speak for the future of his new society? Although now that I've thought more on the subject, I recall reading the Metaphysics of Earwa thread, and I'm quite convinced that it hit the nail, particularly the idea of a "superconscious" created by mass belief. And I recall Akka mentioning something about madness to Cnaiur, where madness "breaks the bubble," and the Outside leaks into the world. It seems that if enough people go "mad," then that creates a door(?) of sorts for Yatwer (and I presume others, if not now then soon) to manifest in reality. view post


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