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Esme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* posted 08 Jul 2009, 17:07 by Ilyich, Commoner

After my first time reading through TJE, I found myself wondering, "why do some of Kellhus' children turn out half-baked?" Besides speculation that Kellhus is insane (which I'm not very convinced he is), I couldn't see how that would affect his seed. Some might argue that in TJE mind has some bearing over matter, but I'm going to present an alternative theory anyway. In the first book, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Esme have sex with an skin spy (I'm assuming it was Sarcellus)? Perhaps the reason her child Inrilatas is messed up? "Inrilatas' shriek trailed into a series of masturbatory grunts. On and on they continued, each sucking on the one prior, all possessing a hairless animality that made her clutch Kelmomas' shoulder." The madness she describes as being a result of his closeness to God seems to greatly resemble the general demeanor of Sranc? So, any more ideas? Do you think it has something to do with Kellhus, or Esme? view post

Re: Esme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* posted 08 Jul 2009, 18:07 by Harrol, Moderator

I thinks it is her interaction with Aurang that corrupted her womb. view post

Re: Esme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* posted 09 Jul 2009, 02:07 by Cripdamind, Candidate

i'm pretty sure it's kellhus' seed that's corrupted by the millennia of inbreeding between the relatively small population of ishualites. it's mentioned in TJE that all of kellhus' children with other women end up like the 'nameless ones' that esme births with eight arms and no eyes. on top of that, in the PON series, cnaiur recalls that his sister (presumably fathered by moenghus while he was in scylvendi captivity) was killed at birth because she was monstrous looking. originally i assumed that it was because she had norisai features such as blonde hair, but after reading the parts of TJE mentioning the "nameless ones" with their various deformities i believe this further evidences that the dunyain have fucked up their own genetics with incest. it is possible that esmenet is the problem but isn't it a little contrived to think that all of the women kellhus couples with are similarly defiled by the consult when occam and his razor would say that kellhus' genes are deleterious instead? his genes are the only thing that all of the mutant kids have in common. besides that though, why is he obsessed with having so many children: does he need a lot of them, or is he just aiming for one perfect child? my money says he's sending achaimian to ishual to find a full blooded dunyain anasurimbor son of his. just like moenghus sent for kellhus because maithanet was inadequate. though i can't imagine why, since things didn't work out so well for moenghus. view post

Re: Esme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* posted 18 Jul 2009, 17:07 by Athjeari, Peralogue

I believe the issue lies with Kellhus's seed, not Esmi's womb. Esmi did bare a normal child with Kellhus. Their first son is quite normal, even though he has no emotion. As was posted before, Kellhus has tried coupling with other woman and the results have been the same. Kellhus is the problem here. To the post that mentioned Cnaiur's sister, she wasn't killed at birth for having defects (I don't think anyway, I don't recall this occurring). The reason she was killed was the child had blonde hair and so it became clear that Cnaiur's mother coupled with the slave Moenghus. Kellhus needs a Dunyain woman to truly have a child that can take over his empire. (Also, don't forget that Moenghus was able to father a fairly normal child. Maithanet is not defective, at least not in a way that we can tell) Dunyain can couple with common women; whether or not the child will be normal is kind of a shot in the dark. view post

Re: Esme's Womb Corrupted? *Spoilers* posted 19 Jul 2009, 21:07 by Harrol, Moderator

Cnaiur's sister died because she had blond hair. The child of a slave. view post


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