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Biggest Surprises TJE / *SPOILERS* possible posted 22 Jun 2009, 06:06 by luciferi, Candidate

I just thought having a topic for what everybody was suprised the most (or least) by (whether in a good/bad way), whether it be the changes in style, character, story, detail, etc. A few of the things that were a surprise for me were: Kellhus having soooo many children, Mimara's storyline developed and continued, the acceptance of female sorcerers, no "real" mention of Cnaiur (I mean only Akka recalled him in pasttime I think), the lack of "sex" ( I thought this was for the better. The first three had so many references and side scenes it was a little much although the argument can be made that life is full of this and Bakker just wanted to portray inner desires and "real" life), change in pace (no battles?, I know I know, the slog story was awesome, but so much detail was put into atmosphere+environment through TJE and not really towards "action"), also, there was much less strong enticing wordplay amongst characters, none of the "good" stuff from PON. What about you guys? view post

Re: Biggest Surprises TJE / *SPOILERS* possible posted 22 Jun 2009, 13:06 by coobek, Candidate

No Consult. Save one skin-spy. Except the games in the palace no political games inside the March. No Cnaiur :( view post


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