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Disciple of the Dog posted 12 May 2009, 18:05 by Vomikron Noxis, Candidate

Just found this bit, which I hadn't run across elsewhere -- do we know anything else about this one? "Shin has also acquired the rights to The Disciple of the Dog by R Scott Bakker. Bakker previously wrote the Prince of Nothing trilogy and this thriller will is due out in May 2010. [b:dqx77npl]The title is about a private investigator who doesn't forget anything, ever[/b:dqx77npl]." ... anada.html ~rl view post

Re: Disciple of the Dog posted 02 Nov 2009, 15:11 by lfex, Peralogue

There is a little more info about this book here: ... o1=2&no2=2 «DISCIPLE OF THE DOG Bakker, R. Scott Novel Pages: e-ms 187 pp Orion DISCIPLE has the audacity of Neuropath, and the same unflinching social commentary, but it’s on very different ground. It’s a detective story, and the main character is Disciple Manning, a hardboiled private investigator with Hyperthymestic Syndrome, a rare mental condition that does not allow him to forget. Disciple is hired to find a teenage girl who he is sure is already dead, and the trail leads him through backward small-town America and right into the midst of two rival religious cults, either -- or neither -- of which could have cut off the girl’s fingers and toes and strewn them around town. It’s an open question whether Disciple’s anarchic tendencies, scabrous behavior and subversive observations will derail the investigation, or whether in the end he’ll discover some species of the truth.» view post


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