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Pondering over everything posted 07 May 2009, 12:05 by Karol, Commoner

I have just finished read TJE and I have so many questions and so many thoughts! They just go on and on and on! Especially about Mimara's ability and how she saw through the veil placed over the chorae. What if all chorae are like that? What if the veil has been placed over them to scare the sorcerers off? After all, with the veil over them making them into a terrifying void where your magic just ceases to exist and the effect they have on those who use magic... Mimara senses compassion and love after piercing that veil - what if what is behind that veil simply calls so strongly to the sorcerers that its effect is to pull them and their essence from the very world leaving only the 'salt' of their bodies? Perhaps the reason why the Judging Eye sees those bearing the mark of sorcery as damned is because they are ignorant to the God's calling and, ignorant as they are, they cannot heed it. Also, the Hundred Gods remind me of the Gods of Hinduism. The lower Gods (the Devas) are always squabbling amongst themselves or with the 'demons' (the Asuras who aren't actually all evil, either). They squabble because they are conflicting aspects of the one supreme Godhead - for instance there are some stories about Shiva being an irredeemable pot head and how Parvati is always trying to change her husband's behaviour. Both are aspects of the Supreme Brahman (the all encompassing God) and only when together do they make up the whole. As I said, my mind is just running rampant with thoughts and theories and questions. ...also, do we have any idea when the next book will be released? I CAN'T WAIT. view post


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