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Scott bakker interview posted 05 May 2009, 18:05 by Harrol, Moderator

I hope these lnks work. Thank Triskele for finding these. [url:2sg9fxwm][/url:2sg9fxwm] [url:2sg9fxwm][/url:2sg9fxwm] view post

Re: Scott bakker interview posted 03 Jul 2009, 13:07 by Callan S., Auditor

Thanks! Heh, at the end of one he says certainty is a crock of shit. He's [i:2qqoozx7]certain [/i:2qqoozx7]that certainty is a crock of shit? Heh, I'd love to chew that one over with him, though it might just have been a miss placement of words. view post

Re: Scott bakker interview posted 12 Jan 2010, 03:01 by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

there's a point when Achamian says to Proyas in the first book that he 'when you are certain you are certain to be decieved'. I think you can feel like you know something, but to feel like that knowledge is immutable and unchanging, that it is absolute, well it probably won't make you a happy person, nor will it make those around you happy unless they share your absolutes (think Ayn Rand Objectivist here). Also, it makes it a lot easier to be a judgmental asshole, which I think was Bakker's point. It works for me anyway, keeps me from getting [i:2glxc95c]too[/i:2glxc95c] angry at anyone for anything they've done. view post


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