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SPOILERS: Translocation posted 27 Jan 2009, 02:01 by anor277, Didact

One of Kellhus' most impressive [i:3qgq8myp]tour de force[/i:3qgq8myp] in [i:3qgq8myp]The Thousandfold Thought[/i:3qgq8myp] was his use of the Gnosis to translocate himself, to transcend distance. In [i:3qgq8myp]The Judging Eye[/i:3qgq8myp] we finally learn the limits of translocation when Kellhus flits back to Mommen to confront Sharacinth (spelling?, Yatwer's mother superior). Apparently Kellhus ability to translocate is limited to (i) horizon to horizon distance, (ii) Kellhus may only translocate to places with which he is familiar. As regards horizon to horizon distance, I don't know how literally to take what is meant. Say Kellhus stands 2m tall, this gives him a horizon to horizon distance of about 10 km at sea level. The horizon to horizon distance would be considerably greater if Kellhus were standing on top of a mountain or the walls of Sakarpus (maybe up to 100 km?). In any case it is clear that Kellhus ability to translocate is severely restricted (he had to make the jump from the Istyuli plain to Momenn by multiple horizon to horizon jumps). Also significant was the fact that after he made the jump(s), Kellhus was exhausted. (Esemenet had to help him to bed; practise of translocation over so long a distance must be extremely arduous). It is probably also significant (this was implied but not stated outright) that only Kellhus has the ability to translocate. Evidently the ability is beyond his natural daughter, as well as the other mages of the Three Seas (of course maybe Kellhus has not deigned to teach anyone the trick). In any event, while Kellhus ability to translocate is certainly god-like, his ability does not make him omnipotent. view post

Re: SPOILERS: Translocation posted 27 Jan 2009, 06:01 by last_inchoroi, Commoner

I think the most interesting part of the translocation is the fact that (and this was mentioned in TTT) the cant of translocation requires one utteral, and two inutterals. assuming only kellhus (and perhaps one or two of his offspring) can master the second set of inutterals, his options and abilities would be so far beyond those of mortal men that his only limitation would be his stamina. over and over I am amazed at how bakker can play with the concept of a vastly superior intelligence combined with a muscular and durable physique to create an individual seemingly adept at everything. it seems I have drifted :P view post

Re: SPOILERS: Translocation posted 05 Feb 2009, 07:02 by Callan S., Auditor

I'm not sure if he was exhausted by it, or faking it. Remember latter on he fakes being exhausted after a long talk with Esme* * I can never remember how to spell the names... view post


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