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*Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 20 Jan 2009, 07:01 by Curethan, Didact

Vote and post why. Note that I've only listed those with significant screentime. I liked Serwa and Kayutas but we really didn't see much of them yet. I was disappointed not to see more of Moenghus too - that guy must be nearly as nuts as his dad living in that family. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 20 Jan 2009, 08:01 by professor plum, Peralogue

Cleric. Crazy Nonman who kicks enormous ass, gets possessed by a ghost king and who probably isn't who he says he is? I'll take two. (Ghostking called him "betrayer" – of whom I recall two, Cet'ingira/Mekeritrig, who revealed Golgotterath to the Mangaecca, and Nin'janjin, who brokered the immortality/all-your-women-die deal between the Nonmen and the Inchoroi. When we last met Mekeritrig, he was wandering around the north in a cloak of faces with a band of Sranc, introducing Kellhus to the joys of sorcery. Nin'janjin is last mentioned killing Cu'jara Cinmoi several thousand years prior.) That said, I think Sorweel and Mimara have a lot more potential for development as the series continues. :D view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 20 Jan 2009, 10:01 by Curethan, Didact

I will be surprised if Incariol doesn't own this poll. He got my vote. I think he could win many 'vs' threads too. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 23 Jan 2009, 00:01 by Ingalira, Commoner

I voted for Cleric, for me he was the first breathtaking look at what all Nonmen must be like to some degree after all this time. His sometimes lucid memories coupled with his consistent inability to recall important details about his own past was fascinating, the prolouge chapter with Mekertrig in the first book only whetted the appetite while this was a large snack. Somewhere in another forum Scott stated that the Bashrag were created the way they were to compensate for the epic physical strenght of the Nonmen and Clerics battle in Cil-Aujas shows just this fact in the way he was able to handle three Chorae packing Bashrag and a host of crazed Sranc all by himself and come back unharmed shows how awesome his people were as fighters. I am still left wondering if Incariol was a great among his own people or rather a standard of what all Cunuri were like. The mystery of his true indentity will play a large part in the upcoming books, with Akka saying that someone as powerfuf as him would be known to him with only a few thousand Nonmen left. The other great part was the discussion about how the Nonmen of the mansion kept human concubines and fervently hoped to impregnate them and so renew their hole race as I wondered why the Nonmen did not take this course of action when reading the previous books. There is little wonder the Inchoroi do not attack the last Nonmen mansion even though it is upon ther very doorstep, the losses would be monumental with no sure sign of success. How exactly did the humans who possessed stone tools manage to overthrow the first mansions without being wiped out? view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 24 Jan 2009, 19:01 by Chirios, Candidate

Gotta go with my main man Cleric. Now, the inevitable question. Cleric vs Khellus? view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 24 Jan 2009, 23:01 by lfex, Peralogue

I am apparently first voter who went with Kelmomas who is just wonderfully fucked up. It is hard choice, though, since Cleric, Psatma and Mimara are great characters as well. Sorweel, not so much, and I suspect he will be the least popular choice. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 25 Jan 2009, 00:01 by Curethan, Didact

Yeh, Kelmomas certainly is intriguing. I veered between seeing him as an evil abomination and a tragicly flawed genius who is really doomed by not having any guideance wih his overwhelming gifts. The mysterious second voice and his actions to manipulate the Yatwer against the new empire astounded and confused me. Who is using this prodigous child? (This prolly deserves its own thread) view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 27 Jan 2009, 06:01 by last_inchoroi, Commoner

I absolutely love the diabolically twisted nature of Kelmomas...i love that he's so devious, and so obviously a perfect deceiver. It seems like the various children all assumed portions of Kellhus, but I think Kelmomas might be the closest in overall talent to him. the key difference is that Kelmomas quite obviously loves his mother, and it is this love that provides a basis for emotionality. where kellhus is able to use rationality and logic to maximize his intellect, i feel that Kelmomas is an emotional version of Kellhus, and while most capable is in all likelihood the most dangerous of all the children, if only for the destabilizing aspect that raw emotion could potentially play in further books....we'll have to wait and see... on another note, the thought of Incariol being Merkeritrig makes me want to reread every section he's in about 20 times over....nonmen are definitely one of Scott's best and most unique creations. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 22 Feb 2009, 18:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

I'll go with Incariol. Massive character,very interesting indeed. Partly because of what he shows he can do, which leads to speculation about what else he could do given greater opponents, partly because of what he might reveal. Mimara was well characterized I thought, but I didn't find her that interesting. Kelmomas is also interesting, but very young still and has lots of growing to do as a character as well. I'm not sure why Scott decided to make him this young though. Seems like if he is going to play a major role in this trilogy you'd expect him to be older, even for a talent such as him. I agree that he seems more like his father than others. He is of The Few, which Kayutas is not for instance, and his other brother is insane. Serwa is hard to say sofar. Though it is intimated twice that Kellhus is inherently the most powerful of them all. Sorweel is not that interesting as a character sofar, though as a POC he is very good because he is our only window on the Great Ordeal. The Captain was intriguing throughout but I was disappointed by him in the whole Cil-Aujas section. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 02 Mar 2009, 06:03 by Athjeari, Peralogue

Incariol, Cleric, was the most intriguing character in The Judging Eye. The Nonman demonstrated a ridiculuous ability to avoid dying, and not just with his sorcery. His past is a mystery, yet it seems to be intertwined with the events unfolding. His actual name might not even be Incariol. I am more concerned that Incariol might be an agent of evil though. Too many things occurred under the mountain that should have killed, yet Incariol walks out unscathed? It seems to odd. How did he live through the Wight possession? I am hoping beyond hope that Incariol is a "good" character though, and I am dying to read more about him and the other existing Nonmen! view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 11 May 2009, 14:05 by coobek, Candidate

First of all thanks to Admin for finally repearing my account!!! :D All great characters except Sorweeel for me, but: Kelmomas - is just too manipulatory and EVIL, a great character I just can't stand him and cannot relate even slithgly; Mimara - she has the POTENTIAL to become the greatest character, I disliked her at first and the way she was introduced but at the end she stole the show. Maybe she'll be the best in II-nd tome; Psatma - a bit dull for me, but strenght is with her, no question about it; Incariol - 'and she thought [i:3g2mf3vv]Incariol[/i:3g2mf3vv], and she thought [i:3g2mf3vv]Ishroi[/i:3g2mf3vv]' - he is The Kelhus of the Juidging Eye, he is portrayed in my opinion in a way that pits him against the Kelhus, he gives hope in a duel. Why? You know why. He walks himself through Chorae wielding Bashrags and hords of Srancs almost unscratched. Singing the cants of magic and wielding his blade with deadly accuracy sending his foes to Oblivion, all tireless. Somwhere on this board I made a subject 'Kelhus vs..' and I tell you vs Incariol you can at least see him standing his own ground. Although we know that Kelhus in his first days in Three Sees, naked and chased by hordes of Sranc, singlehandedly almost defeated Merketrig (or whatever the spelling), we can assert the Incariol is not him. He seems to be Ishroi battlemage, Ishroi of old. And even with Kelhus inteligence the magic I belive need to be spoken or thought of in Non-men tongue. I bet Kelhus knows it perfectly but he wasn't born to it... like Incariol who may yet turn out to be sombody else, sombody older and stronger! But he is not my best character, similr to first 3 tomes (Cnauir was - obviously, I would add) Kosoter - Its him! He is the biggest secret and yet he is not invulnerable like Incariol. I want to see mor of him. and than of course if Cnauir somehow made it he is still the BEST!!!! view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 11 May 2009, 18:05 by nonman_erratic, Commoner

I've been trying to decipher the meaning behind the name 'Incariol'... Linguistics/etymology was never my strong suit, but here goes... Inc- : The closest we have is "Inchoroi' which from PON glossaries seems to mean something along the lines of 'Empty People' / 'People of Emptiness'... Inc/Inch- being 'empty', and -roi being 'people' (cf. ishroi - With ish- being 'high/holy', and '-roi' being people'). Incu-Holoinas - I assume Holoinas is 'skies'... Incu = Ark? So, Inc- in Incariol could either be Ark or Emptiness... -ar- : I have no idea... This one was hard to search for. Perhaps a necessary conjunction joining the start and the end of the word without much meaning?? Otherwise I am stumped... -iol : All I can find are names of nonmen mansions... Siol, Ishoriol. 'Ish' we already have as 'high/holy/exalted'... '-iol' has some meaning along the lines of 'home,' 'stronghold,' 'mansion,' or, 'hall' (Ishoriol = Exalted Hall...) So, best I can come up with, at a stretch... Incariol roughly = 'Empty Place'... or perhaps 'Home of emptiness,' 'stronghold of emptiness', 'empty hall,' 'empty vessel'?... Soul-less one? Or, perhaps, 'Prince of Nothing'?? Thoughts? view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 11 May 2009, 22:05 by ThePrinceofNothing, Candidate

Cleric, because he is basically Judge Holden in Nonman form. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 12 May 2009, 08:05 by coobek, Candidate

[quote="nonman_erratic":2lhlgfh8]So, best I can come up with, at a stretch... Incariol roughly = 'Empty Place'... or perhaps 'Home of emptiness,' 'stronghold of emptiness', 'empty hall,' 'empty vessel'?... Soul-less one? Or, perhaps,[b:2lhlgfh8] 'Prince of Nothing'??[/b:2lhlgfh8] Thoughts?[/quote:2lhlgfh8] Now thats a thought!!! And just above I have pitted them against each other! Now who is better Prince of Nothing! :twisted: view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 24 May 2009, 06:05 by Firestorm896, Commoner

As much as I liked Cleric/Incariol (a most interesting replacement for Cnaiur - both mad, both find dark holy, and both seem to view Men as so much less...), and I wonder if he was the Nonman that Kellhus first encountered in the woods (probably not - he did not have a robe of human faces...), I was much more intrigued by Lord Kosoter, or "Ironsoul". It would be most interesting to hear more about his history and thoughts. I like his contrast to most the other characters in the book. Instead of ruling through word, he rules through action. No one else we see rules this way . . . the closest would be Kellhus with his example making. Indeed, it is the voice and words themselves that give so many power. Where Acamian sings the God's song, and Kellhus speaks the God's voice, it seems that Lord Kosoter acts the God's act. And I really enjoyed the scene where he claimed that they were not in Hell, because he had been there. Wonder what's up there? view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 05 Jun 2009, 21:06 by Ilyich, Commoner

Nah, like others have already pointed out, he didn't have the cloak of faces, and Mekeretrig used a broad sword, whereas Incariol used a great sword; thats not to suggest Nonmen are incapable of being open to variety, but it just doesn't seem like an inconsistency I would read in this series. Theres also differences in the way they act. This is just speculation however, but I would define Incariol as being the opposite of Mekeretrig. Incariol can't think humans are AS bad as Sranc if he's still hanging around with them. Mekeretrig on the other hand tries to alleviate the madness/remember by submerging himself in the violent/sadistic/disturbing activities of the Sranc. Incariol is definitely my new favourite character. I find myself wondering, could he defeat Kellhus? I know, Kellhus has pwnz0r cants he devised himself, plus he is physically/mentally superior to men in all respects, but I remember reading one part where Incariol used cants of the Quya (if thats what its called) to augment his martial combat. Kellhus might have a few things which Mandate Schoolmen can't discover/fathom themselves, but it would seem that Incariol knows powerful cants known only to Nonmen magi. Incariol also seems to have a deeply ingrained sense of morals, which from what I've read is rare to find in an erratic. I only get that feeling because of how he went to the utmost lengths to protect the lives of his companions in Cil-aujas. Unlike some other erratics who invest themselves in wholesale destruction and sadistic violence/slaughter, he represents all the noble aspects which have faded from most of the remnants of his race (maybe he, "remembers" by protecting instead of destroying?) This really sets him apart from Kellhus, who in the same situation I don't doubt would have used the Skin Eaters to ensure his own escape (especially since he is now vulnerable to chorae). If Kellhus had been in Cleric's shoes, and got the feeling he was in danger and the battle wasn't going their way (which it definitely wasn't) he would have teleported away immediately. Where Kellhus just turns people into tools, Incariol seems to be the hero people thought and hoped Kellhus was initially going to be; thats saying a lot for a Nonman erratic. Also, he referred to the Nonman king as cousin; might that have made him an Ishroi prince of Cil-Aujas at one point? He seems to fit the title of, "prince of nothing," but in a different way than Kellhus does. Anyway, the book was great, and Incariol is amazing as well as a mystery. Note: I really wonder who that stranger was who went to see Kosoter at the beginning of the book? view post


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