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Iyokus as enemy in new book? posted 16 Dec 2008, 18:12 by Will, Peralogue

So, I was rereading the Prince of Nothing in preparation for the Aspect Emperor starting up, and I noticed that Iyokus doesn't seem to have a distinct ending. I could totally see him as some manner of antagonist figure in the AE. #1: He's blind, and hence immune to portions of the Dunyain mind control #2: He's a Scarlet Spire, and presumably they lose everything in the reorg of the schools. #3: He's a chanv addict, and presumably harder to control due to deadened emotions + longer life #4: He has the Daemonin, which no protag is known to possess. #5: He has a grudge vs. the good guys (lost eyes), which is a narrative incentive to keep him around. Seem plausible? view post

Re: Iyokus as enemy in new book? posted 19 Dec 2008, 01:12 by Zarath_2.0, Commoner

That makes sense. Somehow I imagine him as being a secondary enemy: a thorn in the protagonists's side that is dealt with before the end of the book. He could prove formidable, though, under the right circumstances. view post

Re: Iyokus as enemy in new book? posted 19 Dec 2008, 13:12 by Curethan, Didact

Consult might give him tekne eyes. Chanv probably comes from them (i think its nonman blood or summink), and the daimos is an obvious route to a special kind of damnation. He'd make an ideal ally. view post


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