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Weird question... posted 02 Dec 2008, 10:12 by skafadi, Candidate

Okay, to avoid controversy, I'm not asking this question to offend or gall or anything, I genuinely don't know, but why is it that African-Americans are always stereotyped as loving chicken and watermelon? I'm from Australia so I'm kind of out of the loop on this, but I always hear comedians and TV shows going on about it so I'm just curious. (I love watermelon. It rocks.) view post

Re: Weird question... posted 02 Dec 2008, 16:12 by AJD, Candidate

Why is any stereotype ever a stereotype? I am going to go with this answer, because watermelon and chicken are god damned delicious and if anyone should have that stereotype then I want to be included. view post

Re: Weird question... posted 03 Dec 2008, 03:12 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

my only guess would be that there are a lot of blacks in the south and watermelon and (fried) chicken are very typical southern foods. but yeah, who the hell doesn;t like chicken or watermelon??? view post

Re: Weird question... posted 04 Dec 2008, 06:12 by skafadi, Candidate

See, that's good for me to know. Thank you :P view post


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