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Who Am I? posted 06 Oct 2008, 02:10 by Cironian, Peralogue

I found this question as an example question from somewhere, and started thinking about it in as existensial a way as possible. So it got me thinking: who are we (as singular entities), and who are WE as a whole? Just wanted to know what other people thought about this. :) view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 06 Oct 2008, 22:10 by Cnaiür, Peralogue

The purpose of life is your life's purpose. Once you figure that out you will know who you are. :) As a whole, we are aspects of the Divine Creator experiencing itself. ;) view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 13 Oct 2008, 04:10 by Cironian, Peralogue

So really, are we nothing beyond our respective purposes as individuals? Are we defined by our purposes? And to what end are these purposes? view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 27 Jan 2009, 04:01 by Isûphiryas, Candidate

Who I am is an ever-evolving question that I try to answer from time to time, but never seem to come up with an significantly defining resolution to it all. I know where and what I would like to be doing at this present moment in time, but do not know how to get it accomplished. I know one thing...I definitely have not nearly filled my full potential as a human being nor am I satisfied with the status quo in my very existence. When I have a little more time on my hands.....I will delve more into this fascinating subject :) view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 28 Jan 2009, 08:01 by jub, Peralogue

Who I am is who I will be, being defined by who I was? view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 11 Feb 2009, 10:02 by Lord Nerevar, Commoner

Jub, I think that it is a beautifully poetic idea about who we are; however, it seems to be flawed to me. Maybe it isn't practical? Cnaiur, this topic wasn't about the purpose of life, but the way you expressed it is beautiful. I suspect with a bit more reasoning you could link it to the topic. Perhaps we are an animal that has the purpose of living its life purpose? Sorry if that doesn't make sense {it did in my head). Sorry if I caused offence. I think you are both very intelligent, but these ideas require a bit more polishing. :) view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 13 Feb 2009, 03:02 by Cironian, Peralogue

Well, what do you think about this question, Lord Nerevar? (I'm not being snappy, I'm looking for input and stimulating discussion :D ) view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 17 Mar 2009, 05:03 by Callan S., Auditor

If your familiar with programming, you might have come across the idea of self modifying code. Usually argued against by programmers cause it can go so wrong, oh so quickly. Looking at the question and the word 'am', that's more a question of current state. A certain set up. But if you ARE self modifying code, then 'I' means your self modifying code. Code that self modifies changes what it is - it's never in a fixed state. With self modifying code, 'am' and 'I' are contradictory terms. It's like asking for a sample of non existance. view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 18 Mar 2009, 02:03 by Cironian, Peralogue

...huh? "I" refers to the self. "Am" refers to the current state of being. One may say, for example, "I am." They are saying they exsist. I fail to see how "am" and "I" contradict one another. view post

Re: Who Am I? posted 20 Mar 2009, 10:03 by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

It is funny how all the answers I can come up with ultimately turn into obstacles or become inert, useless information. I think who we think we are is a preventative measure to keep us from knowing who we really are which I don't think is something we can talk about so much as feel, like existence itself. As for WE as a whole, well I suppose the individual would be the best place to start looking for answers to that as they tend to be reflections of the whole. Could be it's the other way around, it's hard to tell which is more real, the you looking in the mirror or the you in the mirror. I tell people these days I feel like a mirror that's been shattered and put back together so many times that I'm more glue and tape then mirror now. view post


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