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US Presidential Elections posted 09 Sep 2008, 07:09 by skafadi, Candidate

Simply put-who will win, and why? Or, who do you want to win, and why? Personally, I think Obama and I hope Obama, if only to ensure that Palin has no chance of getting into office. That woman scares me no end. Please no ragging other people's opinions, flaming etc. view post

Re: US Presidential Elections posted 09 Sep 2008, 20:09 by CnaiĆ¼r, Peralogue

Does it really matter who becomes President? The wars and invasions will still continue, the economy will continue to slide, more banks will continue to close, more money and land will continue to consolidate into fewer hands, more draconian laws, no real 911 investigation - its whitewash will continue to stink and rot and puss, more threats and pushes toward a North American superstate (bye bye Canada, Mexico, U.S.).... Do you really think Obama will be there for the US people? Even if he's not working for the Consult, he's going to spend his entire term reversing and patching up all the damage the Bush dictatorship did. A real President would abolish the Feds, ban the CFR, "shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces", end all the wars and invasions, and bring all the U.S. troops back into the country to [i:3129xsne]truly[/i:3129xsne] protect the nation's people. And that's just a start. Do you think the next US president will do any of these things? JFK once tried, and look what happened to him. If Obama tries.... no, he won't. He's a Consult puppet. A ventriloquist dummy. A Manchurian Candidate. Pardon my pessimism, but there's no real nominee for the US presidency who will make any positively effective change. Even if there was... the electronic voting machines will ensure that candidate doesn't get their votes counted. Once upon a time the tune was "United we stand, divided we fall." Now, its "divided we stand, united we fall". view post

Re: US Presidential Elections posted 14 Sep 2009, 06:09 by Sil-Inchor, Commoner

Paranoid much, champ? view post


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