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Timeline of Earwa posted 13 Jul 2008, 19:07 by Arkarrus, Commoner

I went through the Encyclopedic Glossary and produced a time line for all dated events up until the start of the Books. The document runs 24 pages as a word doc. Every event is footnoted with the source of the information, and internal contradictions (there are a handful) are noted and discussed. If people are interested, I would like to post it to the web. I think Wiki form would be ideal as it still needs additions from information in the text of the Books proper, and as a wiki others could contribute. If anyone has ideas I'm open to them. As an example, what follows is an excerpt from the timeline for Years of the Tusk 1000-1200 [footnotes excluded, formatting not fixed] c. 1000 Ingusharotep II, Old Dynasty Shigeki King who conquered the Kyranae Plains, is born. c. 1005 Noshainrau the White, founding Grandmaster of the Gnostic school of Sohonc and author of the Interrogations, the first elaboration of the Gnosis by Men, is born. 1021 Borswelka I declared King of the Meöri, an aggressive, militaristic city-state. 1023 Beginning of the Old Invishi period in Nilnamesh, when Nilnamesh was united under a series of aggressively expansionist Kings based in Invishi. 1072 Noshainrau the White, founding Grandmaster of Sohonc, dies at age 67. c. 1080 Ingusharotep II, Old Dynasty Shigeki King, dies at age 80. c. 1086 Shaeönanra, Grandvizier of the Mangaecca, is born (or this is the year he became Grandvizier, it is unclear). 12th c. Various Ketyai tribes begin asserting their independence from Sheik on the Kyranae Plains, and the God-Kings of Sheik start waging incessant war. 1104 Borswelka II King of Meöri, grandson of Borswelka I, dies. Meöri controls most of the Vosa River Basin and had established trading contacts with Shir to the south through a series of forts along the River Wernma. 1123 Shaeönanra, Grandvizier of the Mangaecca, claims to have rediscovered a means of saving the souls of those damned by sorcery. Mangaecca was promptly outlawed for impiety. Mangaecca abandon Sauglish and flee to Golgotterath. view post

Re: Timeline of Earwa posted 14 Jul 2008, 07:07 by Curethan, Didact

Aw man, can I just say I think thats really cool and I would like to see it whole. Nice work. view post

Re: Timeline of Earwa posted 23 Jul 2008, 18:07 by Arkarrus, Commoner

Well I did it. I started a Wiki for The Prince of Nothing, and I posted my full Timeline there. It still needs to have most of the citations added (so you'll just have to take my word for the info for now). I hope others will use the Wiki as a way of posting in depth information & research on the World of Earwa. view post


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