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What, no website (spoiler) posted 01 Jul 2008, 17:07 by Vomikron Noxis, Candidate

So I'm about 100 pages in to "Newuropath" and I'm a little shocked -- in this day and age -- to see there's not even just a basic website up for At any rate, I'm really enjoying the book thus far. I'll be sure to post full thoughts once I'm finished. But so far, reading this book on a crowded train really makes one question humanity. ~rl view post

Re: What, no website (spoiler) posted 21 Aug 2008, 13:08 by Mochi, Commoner

I was also disappointed by the lack of website. It could at least redirect to his main site, or something! Just a notice that the domain has in fact been registered is rather boring. view post


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