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Almighty Tallest posted 30 Jun 2008, 13:06 by Almighty Tallest, Candidate

Hello all, I started reading PON when TWP was just out, and am currently on my third (fourth?) re-read. Love this series, best fantasy I've ever read, and I've covered a lot of it. I've been pushing everybody I know to read it for quite a while now. As for me, I am approaching 30 far too quickly, and live on Canada's east coast. I am a book/movie/music junkie, though am finding time for all three rather constrained lately, with a two year old in the house. I write, when I can, and though I have one novel completed, a second nearly so, and a third in the works, I have yet to publish anything. Have yet to attempt it, actually. I'm a little nervous about it, and am unsure how to go about starting the process. view post

Re: Almighty Tallest posted 01 Jul 2008, 02:07 by Harrol, Moderator

Welcome to the forums it is great to have you here. Let us know when you publish and good luck. view post

Re: Almighty Tallest posted 09 Jul 2008, 07:07 by Curethan, Didact

Welcome Almighty. I would recommend attending some writer's events. We have some great ones in Australia, there are workshops specifically devoted to polishing up finished works and finding agents etc. I imagine there would be similar orginizations in Canada. Go for it, and good luck! view post

Re: Almighty Tallest posted 09 Jul 2008, 14:07 by Almighty Tallest, Candidate

Thanks :) I'm sure there are writer's workshops in Canada, but I can't find any in Charlottetown. No decent ones, anyway. Unfortunately, most of our arts are centered in Quebec and Ontario :| And no worries, if it does get picked up, and will be published, I will announce it on every single website on the internet that I can think of :D view post

Re: Almighty Tallest posted 11 Jul 2008, 06:07 by Trinket, Candidate

Sounds great, best of luck :D What's the name of your first Novel? view post


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