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posted 24 Aug 2004, 11:08 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

[i:2leyggxo]Publishers Weekly[/i:2leyggxo] recently announced that TWP will be available January 2005 in Hardcover in the US. I would take that to be fairly solid, considering the nature of that company. view post

posted 28 Aug 2004, 10:08 by FuraxVZ, Candidate

I'm worried that the US hardcover sales will be low. . . . because everyone I recommend TDtCB to, buys TWP from Canada! They can't wait to read the next one. and must have a tough time keeping up with copies of it since the release of TDtCB in the US. I will probably end up buying TWP now and then later when it comes in hardback. The softcover for TWP is quite nice actually; I wish I could get TDtCB in that same style. view post

posted 28 Aug 2004, 12:08 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

That's a problem that I think has plagued sales of both TDTCB and Erikson's GotM on Amazon - so many of us imported that it has masked the overall sales strength of the two series. I almost feel guilty because I doubt I'll buy a hardcover version of TWP - mostly because I received an autographed copy of it during release week in Canada from Scott's publicists so I could review it for wotmania. I did buy a hardcover of TDTCB to replace the mass-market paperback I had imported (I gave that copy to a friend of mine at work, who's enjoying it for the most part, I think). But Amazon is not always a reliable indicator of sales. I'd say more, but I think it'd be best to ask an author or two about that - they know more than I do. view post

posted 28 Aug 2004, 21:08 by Clarkesworld Books, Peralogue

Anyone know if the publishers are really using Amazon as an indicator? Seems to me that they should well-know how many copies they've sold and how many copies were returned before the second book in any series is published. I know they don't monitor us... but Warrior Prophet was one of our top sellers in August. -Neil view post


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