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K-PAX posted 20 Aug 2004, 15:08 by Replay, Auditor

[url=]K-PAX Trilogy Feat. Prot's Report[/url:w2x0us59] - By Gene Brewer K-PAX is the story of man, Prot (ryhmes with goat), who claims to be from another planet. Of course, no one believes him, so he soon finds himself a patient of the Manhatten Phsyciatric Insititute, where phsyciatrist Dr Gene Brewer (who's point of view the whole story is told from in first person narrative) does his best to try and cure him. Whilst in the institute, Prot does and says many things that puzzle the phsyciatrist. For one, he seems to have an uncanny ability to get through to even the most deluded of patients in the intistute. He even starts to cure some of them. Prot also seems to have the ability to see light in the ultra violet range, something no human should be able to do. Not only this, but Prot's descriptions of his home solar system and his knowledge of the stars surrounding prove to be correct when checked up (and even give the scientist new information they didn't have before which also appears to be correct). All of this is enough to make Dr Brewer pause and perhaps wonder for a moment if Prot is telling the truth, but he soon dismisses this and believes instead that Prot is perhaps a savant. When, under hypnosis, Prot talks about another man who seems to be occupying his body, Dr Brewers beliefs are solidified. During the rest of the book, a search is begun for the identity of this man, hoping that a confrontation with who he was will force Prot to accept that he really his human. Whilst the storyline of the book is well done, this book is more about Prot's observations on the human condition than anything else. Through all three of the books, Prot continues to point out the stupidity of many of the things humans do, and shows just how brainwashed we can be in to doing and beliving in things with little consideration. In this version of the books, there is even a small addition added on the end called Prot's report, which is a transcript of Prot's thoughts on this planet which he has been adding to his note book throughout the storyline. All in all, this a very good book, and one definately worth picking up. However, there are a few bad points that should be mentioned. The first is that, whilst technically the quality of the writing is not so bad, it does not involve you all that much. Also, even though most of the time he does offer some good opinions on the human condition, a few of his ideas are fairly niave and not very well thought out (something he would look down on others for not doing). Still, neither of these points are enough to detract from enjoying this story. [url=]K-Pax - The Film[/url:w2x0us59] For those interested, the first part of the trilogy has recently been made into a film starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. Not only does it follow very closely to the book (much more than most other adaptions), but I feel the director actually improved upon it. Perhaps it was the ability to inject much more emotion into it (due to some very good directing) that makes the film perhaps even better than the book. Or perhaps it is just the great acting by both Spacey and Bridges that brings it more to life. If your hesistant about picking the book up, I would definately suggest watching this first (as I did). And even though many have said that the ending left the unsatisfied because they wanted more, that is not a problem if you plan on picking up the trilogy, as you have the two more books in the story to do just that. view post

posted 20 Aug 2004, 17:08 by Grantaire, Moderator

That sounds quite interesting, definately something I might want to check out. Hrm, my neighbor loaned us that movie once..but I didn't watch it. Odd that. But thanks for the review, it sounds quite good! view post

posted 21 Jan 2005, 17:01 by Fell, Peralogue

I saw the film and enjoyed it very much. I read on Amazon that it was inspired by a book, then learned there were more than one. Definitely on my to-read list. view post

posted 16 Oct 2005, 22:10 by Hyperstorm, Commoner

The whole trilogy is indeed good, while the first book leaves us in two minds bout Prot's reality but in the latter two books this issue is clarified anyways just if you wanted to know the author Gene Brewer is planning another book in the K-PAX series & this time Its not Prot whos coming back view post


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