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The Faltering (Prologue) posted 12 Aug 2004, 04:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

So here it is. This is just the prologue. It is rough, it has been editied once and a basic introduction is given to the main Character. (oh and i cant find the attachment i just blind??) Prologue: He who wields this blade shall carve the Earth. Steel echoed its brutal roar throughout the night as the blades crashed against each other. Rebellious sparks shot in all directions as the sharp edges came into contact and danced away from each other. The silence of the night was disturbed by the sounds of the steel searing the utopian calm. Panting heavily Arandeh raised his sword to his right shoulder, placed his left foot slightly ahead of the right, ready to attack, he lunged at his Master. Deftly Arandeh’s blade was guided away form harm and Aran was forced to move to the defensive. For an old man Capil moves far to fast. Arandeh staggered as he deflected a blow and forced his master’s sword to the outside of the pair, placing Arandeh in the offensive. He anticipates my moves. Arandeh swung his might two handed sword which careened off his Master’s sword and Arandeh fought to regain the momentum he has used in his initial swing. If he anticipates my standard moves, then he will never expect change. Using his gained momentum Arandeh planted his right foot and with one hand guided his sword to a thunderous connection with the hilt of his Master’s sword. The momentum toppled Capil who instantly found the cold steel of Aran’s sword placed against his Adam’s apple. Breathless, Arandeh sheathed his blade and extended his arm to help his Master off the cold, hard ground. “You are learning Aran, this is progress. You come from a long line of fantastic swordsman and I can see it runs in your blood, but talent still requires practice.” Capil commented, his chest still heaving as he gasped for air. “Perhaps you can now tell me the key to defeating an enemy who has studied every aspect of your training?” “Change Master. The key to defeating an opponent, who has studied your every move, is to change how you fight, to change your style, speed and movement patterns.” “Yes Aran, this is why you would have made an excellent Canucian Lord Knight, had the Kingdom not been overrun by the blasted Indolcialoters. Blasted Barbarians, they should just know when they are oppressed,” “That is an awfully naïve thing to say Capil. They may have been oppressed, but in this the possessed the strength of heart and pure strength to retaliate against their oppressors and win their freedom, it was our own foolishness that lead to our demise.” “Ah Young Arandeh, you are wise beyond your years, may that suit you accordingly in the coming years. You have completed your training with me the moment you defeated me in battle. There is nothing more that I can teach you, therefore you must set out to experience life for yourself. His Majesty, The King of Bayhakon is currently employing Mercenaries to complete missions for him that his trusted Paladins are not willing to do for him.” Odd. “Should they not be loyal to their King, Capil?” Arandeh questioned as the fire danced in within his greenish brown eyes, a small semblance to the fire of vengeance Capil knew dwelled within Aran’s heart. A gentle breeze tossed Aran’s wavy, eye length, light brown hair to the right side of his head as a questioning expression remained on his face. “Yes Aran they should, but in their times of peace, the famous Paladins of Bayhakon have become lazy and far too indulgent.” “I shall set off for the Kingdom in the morning.” Arandeh said as he rose to move to his tent to turn in for the night. “Capil?” Arandeh said as he turned around as he came upon his tent. “Before I leave can you tell me what the words inscribed on my sword mean?” “Yes Aran, I think it is time you know.” Capil said smiling as he stood up. “Hand me the sword.” Arandeh unsheathed the sword with ease as the steel glided past his right shoulder. Capil stood motionless, with the mighty blade lying in his hands. Centuries of power all contained in this swords, possessed by the Son of the Earth, a name Arandeh must never hear. “The words inscribed are Ancient Canucian. Two hundred years ago, this sword was forged to be giving as a reward to a brave Lord Knight for his loyalty and selflessness in protecting the King. However, when the sword was inscribed and blessed by the Priest of Nature, The Great Lord Knight was found unworthy to wield the blade. Legends state that, only in the Kingdoms greatest crisis will the sword be wielded, and with it the Earth itself shall change. The sword remained exactly where it had been laid by the forger upon its completion, sheathed with its hilt and handle hanging over the edge of the altar where it was blessed. The sword lay where it was placed by the forger, basking in its two hundred year purity until; you wielded it with one hand Aran. The words inscribed translate to: He who wields this blade shall carve the Earth.” As Capil finished his story Arandeh’s mind began to relieve the unexpected turn of events that placed the blade in his possession. The castle was set ablaze by Indolcialot raiders and her mighty ramparts breached by the silent assassins of the tribesmen. Arandeh awoke as he heard his childhood friend, the crown prince slain in his chambers. With tears running down his cheeks and an anger that burned stronger then the flames engulfing the castle Arandeh ran to the royal chambers, only to see his father brutally cut down by the assassin warriors. Enraged, Arandeh swung his sword but was knocked backwards against the wall and his sword flew from his hands across the room. Concentrating on his enemy, Arandeh stood and caught a glimpse of a swords hilt out of the corner of his eye. Rushing towards the sword, Arandeh dove, grasped the handle, swiftly unsheathed the sword and cut down his father’s murderer. With his chest heaving, Arandeh struggled to raise the massive blade, but brought it down with tremendous speed across the back of a second assassin. A man’s scream came from the hall as Arandeh turned to see Capil severing limb after limb of countless warriors in the hallway. Warm blood spurted across the wall and dripped off Capil’s face. “Young master Aran; you must flee the castle, at all costs.” “Capil, I am not leaving without you, you are the only family I have.” Arandeh caught a grin appear on Capil’s face as he was swarmed by warriors and one by one the assailants fell to crumpled heaps on the floor, spilling their life into puddles at Capil’s feet. “Well then it is settled Young Master, I shall come also.” A spark cracked from the fire and landed on Arandeh’s arm, causing a burning sensation that brought Arandeh’s memories an end and his mind to the present. “Hmm, why “Carve the Earth?”” “Your future holds many of the answers you seek, my son; you must find them for yourself. I have taught you all I know, the rest you must find for yourself. Good night Master DuGaianor.” “Capil, no one has spoken my family name since the invasion, since my father’s death. I am not strong enough to possess this name, perhaps in my future, when I am ready, until then I would only disgrace my father.” Arandeh said as he ducked into his tent away from the fire. Ah, Aran, soon you will understand, you are more then ready for your name, soon they will turn to you, and you are ready. Capil sat still by the fire long into the night, tears slowly falling from his cheeks. At sunrise, his only family would leave him, and he would live out the remainder of his days in the woods, alone. view post

posted 13 Aug 2004, 05:08 by steve, Peralogue

Wow, that is great, it's a great start for a great story. Good luck on the rest JustifiedHeretic. view post

posted 13 Aug 2004, 12:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

thanks, there were alot of little spelling and grammar mistakes, in that, so im reworking it now, but ill be moving on to the first part of it soon enough ahah view post


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