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sarah ash posted 04 Aug 2004, 00:08 by steve, Peralogue

her first book in the tears of artemon was great. has anyone else read this book? did you like it? view post

posted 04 Aug 2004, 15:08 by FuraxVZ, Candidate

I have NOT read this, but it did catch my eye (both the cover and title are good) and the story itself sounds like it could have potential. Could you give a spoiler free review? view post

posted 05 Aug 2004, 00:08 by steve, Peralogue

the Tears of Artamon series is focused on the remnants of a fallen empire, the emperors of the empire had the five tears of Artamon, which are gemstones on their crowns. Gavril Andar, is a young painter in the peaceful south. He is confronted by a clansman of Azhkendir who claims he is the heir of Darkhaol, a dragon-warrior of extrodinary powers. Andar is taken to Azhkendir to become the darkhaon, and the ruler of Azhkendir. I don't think I do this book justice in my review, it's an great book, book two the Iron Tower is being published in the USA this month. view post

posted 10 Aug 2004, 12:08 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Hi, Im including the book back for both novels as well as my reviews, Lord of Snow and Shadows Seemingly always the outsider, Gavril Andar - an impoverished young painter - yearnes to join the privilaged circles of Muscobar polite society. However, unbeknownst to him, he does have royal blood in his veins: the dark and powerful blood of a father he never knew - the Drakhaon, ruler of the isolated northern kingdon of Azhkendir. And when the Drakhaon is brutally murdered, an unwilling Gavril is forced to take up the mantle of both his fathers rule - and his power. For blood will out. And the Drakhaon's carries within it a taint that gives its bearer access to awesome, unimagined magics - but at a soul-shattering price. Now trapped in this bleak, mist-shrouded land full of superstition and racked by bitter rivalries, Gavril faces an awesome task. He must find his father's killer and unite his fractured kingdom against those who see it as weak, defenceless and ripe for invasion before he pays the price of kinship and succumbs to the dread curse that uncoils within him... Richly imagined, full of intrigue, magic and dark romance and boasting a cast of superbly-drawn players, Lord of Snow and Shadows is the first book in a thrilling new trilogy and marks the triumphant return of one of fantasys most original and exciting voices. Review of Lord of Snow and Shadows Having never heard of Sarah Ash before picking up this novel I was a bit dubious about how the novel would progress. I shouldn't have had any worries, the tale has something for everyone, whereas some authors deal in the plain theres the objective, charge, kill, maim and capture against all odds against the forces of evil, this novel takes the time to introduce each character giving the reader the chance to identify and have a certain understanding and feeling for the characters individual plights. Demonstating something that may authors miss, the concept that every character is neither black or white but many subtle shades of grey. We get drawn into the tale following the plight of a love sick painter who has a tender, caring side, kidnapped by followers of his father to take him to his birthright and forced to become something against his nature fighting all the way against not only what his kidnapper followers want of him but also against the beast within. In addition to this there is not only the right proportion of violence to keep any reader happy but also the moral implications are brought into how it affects the character with just a dash of romance. Hidden within this tale there is blood fued against a rival family, traditions to be obeyed and a violent conflict not only against his enemies but internal against the demon. For any wondering whether to buy this book, please have your worries brushed aside, as when you pick up the book it will be difficult to put down. I cant wait for the next instalment. Prisoner of Ironsea Tower 'The emperor’s tears will unlock the gate...' Eugene of Tielen has won the five Tears of Artamon, the legendary rubies which entitle him to be crowned emperor of the five countries of the ancient divided empire of Rossiya. But on the eve of his coronation, when the rubies are brought together for the first time in the imperial crown, a strange phenomenon occurs: a crimson beacon of light shoots up into the night sky from the five jewels. Is it a good portent - or an evil omen? Eugene has consigned his defeated enemy, Gavril Nagarian, to a living death in the bleak Ironsea Tower. But other sinister forces are at work, infiltrating Eugene’s new empire, stirring the people he has conquered to revolt. Eugene will not be satisfied until he has enslaved a Drakhaoul, the daemon spirit that made Gavril such a formidable opponent. Obsessed with gaining the arcane knowledge that will lead him to his goal, he seeks out Kiukirilya, the Spirit Singer, forcing her to undertake a perilous journey into the world of the dead. Gavril, subjected to the cruel experiments of Director Baltzar in the Ironsea Tower, is equally obsessed: with escape. The opportunity, when it comes, faces him with an impossible choice. He has dreamed of returning to his peaceful life as a painter in Smarna. But if Eugene is successful in his quest for daemonic powers, he will become a monster. And the only man capable of stopping him is Gavril Nagarian. Review of Prisoner of Ironsea Tower The second novel in the Tears of Artamon series this novel had quite a lot to live up to. In the first we were treated to a whole new world and given the chance to view it through fresh eyes as the lead protagonist took us through his trials and tribulations as the tale unwound. This novel continues with the same excitement that was portrayed thoughout the first and even develops the lead characters sensitivity as he struggles against the dark nature of his own personal "demon". Each of the other characters that were introduced in the first novel were additionally added to and have left the final part of the trilogy quite a lot to live up to. If youve not read the first novel of this series pick it up and you'll soon be hooked with the second part living up to the full potential that this tale had to offer. You'll soon become a fan of Gavil Nagarian as the hooks that exude from the character will embed themselves so deep you really will find it a long wait for the epic finale of the series. Hope this helps ya Gareth view post

posted 14 Aug 2004, 21:08 by Joel, Commoner

I just finished Lord of Snow and Shadows a few days ago. For a new author it was really good. I'll be picking up the rest of the series. The only thing I didn't really like was that there was too many moments where I'm thinking 'if only they could talk to each other, because there's no real reason for this conflict.' I'm still left with the feeling that Eugene and Gavril would have gotten along if they'd met in a friendly setting. ***spoilers*** Oh, and in hindsight, certain events came off just a little too abrupt. Jaro's death, and the banishing of the spirit wraiths in particular. view post

posted 15 Aug 2004, 06:08 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Sarah Ash has written a number of books with Gollancz I think, the Tears of Artamon is just her latest set of novels but with Transworld, I think that its her first series and as such is something Ive enjoyed. view post

posted 15 Aug 2004, 10:08 by Joel, Commoner

ah thanks Drosdelnoch, I didn't know that. Lord of Snow and Shadows has been the only book of hers I've seen in bookstores around so I just kinda assumed....especially because there was no mention of other things she had written in the short bio that came with the book. I might have to track down some of the other stuff she's written. view post

posted 16 Aug 2004, 16:08 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Two of the titles that jump to mind are Songspinners and The Lost Child (although I do have Songspinners in a to read pile but get a little tied up with other newer releases to get on with.) view post

posted 20 Aug 2004, 18:08 by Rellion, Candidate

Spoilers ahead, don't read if you can't handle them. I hate to say it, as it seemed this book had promise (the first, I refer to), but just did not seem to grab me. I will acquiesce that it may simply be a matter of taste, but when reading Sarah Ash's Lord of Snow and Shadows, there seemed to be a few things missing for me. 1) Madame Andar and Prince Eugene, as characters, did not appeal to me as I read their PoV chapters. I kept wanting to skip them and keep reading Gavril and KiuKiu. 2) Deus Ex Machina - KiuKiu's discovery in the storm by her grandmother. For the same reason I like Martin, I disliked this. 3) The world setting - It just didn't seem to come together. I pictured a Napolean era Muscovy and Prussia, but it didn't come alive. It seemed more backdrop, and less something that the characters interacted with. It was a solid first effort. I've definitely read *far* worse, but it just didn't drag me in and I found myself having to forcibly make myself read it, and no book should make you have to do that. I'll give it 2.5 stars out of 5. view post

posted 03 Sep 2004, 16:09 by AjDeath, Didact

I enjoyed the first one and I am wiating for the second to show up around here. view post

posted 27 Nov 2004, 17:11 by AjDeath, Didact

Just bought Prisoner Of The iron Tower from Clarkesworld. It will have to wait a little bit though. Can't wait though. Repetitive though. view post

The Characters posted 26 Feb 2005, 15:02 by Anonymous, Subdidact

Does anyone else despise Kiukiu? Am I the only one who much prefers the Gavril/Astasia romance to the Kiukiu/Gavril romance? I want to throw bloody Kiukiu out of the story... Oh well. view post

from Amazon posted 28 Feb 2005, 16:02 by Tusky, Commoner

Children of the Serpent Gate : Book 3 of The Tears of Artamon Hardcover: 496 pages Publisher: Spectra (September 27, 2005) ISBN: 0553382128 :D view post

Re: from Amazon posted 28 Feb 2005, 18:02 by AjDeath, Didact

[quote="Tusky":36oihuzn]Children of the Serpent Gate : Book 3 of The Tears of Artamon Hardcover: 496 pages Publisher: Spectra (September 27, 2005) ISBN: 0553382128 :D[/quote:36oihuzn]That is great news, I thought the second installment was incredible. view post


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