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Dear Scott, On naming your characters... posted 14 Jul 2007, 20:07 by cloust, Commoner

Hello Scott, I'm a huge fan of the series, just finished reading it through for the second time. There are alot of things about your writing style that I admire. High up on that list is the names you invent for cities, races, and characters, etc... I enjoy writing like nothing else in life, but for some incomprehensible reason I get stuck on names. My characters end up with names like Rafaentrop or Samusek or whatever... They're not memorable. They don't conjure up images of fierceness, like some of your characters bring up. It's not an Aurang... or an Achamian. Or the Knight of Ce Tydonn. This is a glaring hole in my writing. Do you have any tips on this subject? Can you offer some more insight into your process of naming characters, or languages, or races? How in depth do you get in, meaning do you actually go so far as to invent a language of sorts, meaning that all names from a race have the same structure etc? Do you just sound out different syllables to arrive at a characters name when it 'feels' right, or do you have a more indepth process? thank you, and i would greatly appreciate any help from you or from any other writers on the forum who have wrestled with the same problem. thanks! view post

posted 14 Jul 2007, 23:07 by nathaara, Commoner

Well, as another writer on the forum I'll tell you ways I've come up with names... A lot of the time I base names off of a real-world name and modify it, since then it has a vowel/consonant pattern that's familiar and easier to remember. I also like to look up the meanings of names from around the world (baby name sites are good for that), and often I find just what I'm looking for in another language, or something I can modify from there. I also like knowing the meaning of related real-world names, since people might subconciously associate those meanings with a name that sounds similar. One example of that can be seen in PoN, actually... "Kellhus" is very similar to the name Kelly, which means "warrior"--appropriate for a Warrior-Prophet. I don't know whether that was intentional or not, but it certainly works. view post

posted 16 Jul 2007, 08:07 by cloust, Commoner

thanks for the advice nathaara. Looking for equivalents of english words in forieign languages, and then modifying them is an interesting idea. I can see where scott has done it as well. view post


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