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Raymond Feist: Riftwar Saga posted 02 Jul 2007, 13:07 by thegreenman, Candidate

I'd like to hear thoughts on this series. It seems I've somehow missed reading it. Is it a classic, a good read, or a waste of time? Have a take, and bring it... view post

posted 26 Aug 2007, 02:08 by Mats, Candidate

Waste of time. The guy is completely unable to create more than one single persona, so he just used one and gave it thirty different names. Extremely tedious. If you want some mindless indulgence with quick-paced action, it might be worth your while, though. view post

posted 01 Nov 2007, 20:11 by Altarego, Commoner

I would have to disagree. Feist is how I first became interested in fantasy. To be sure, the Riftwar Saga probably appealed more to teenage self than it does now. However, not every fantasy series has to be complex and chock-full of gritty violence or masterfully written characters in order to be deemed a "good read". On the other hand, I would stick to Feist's earlier works: the original 3 books of the Riftwar Saga (4 if you buy "Magician" as a duology) and the Empire trilogy (his collaborations with Janny Wurts). They're mostly a series of coming-of-age stories, but each experience has a rather unique perspective and are very entertaining. view post

posted 27 Nov 2007, 17:11 by noodles0585, Peralogue

i would say it is so-so and thats about it. view post


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