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Erich Von Daniken posted 26 Jul 2004, 02:07 by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

Probably one of the best authors known when it comes to reporting on the bible and the quite infamous "is there life out there" question. has anyone read Chariots of the Gods or Signs of the Gods? i have never gotten around to Chariots of the Gods though i found the latter highly interesting. view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 13:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

I havent yet read this author although I do tend to read quite a few novels that look into the truth of things such as the significance of the placeing of the egyptian pyramids, in additon to this also read books such as the Tomb of God which I quite enjoyed although the maths got to advanced for me. view post

von daneken is a fraud posted 08 Aug 2004, 14:08 by Attilles Pr'Diem, Commoner

Erich Von Danneken is a fraud. I was a big fan of his books before I went to university. He misrepresents everything he portrays in his books, leaves out important bits of imformation, such as the fact that one of his Nazca pictures, purported to be an alien landing pad, is actually a very tiny corner of a geoglyph, a landing pad for ant-sized aliens perhaps. I did research work with an archaeologist that worked at Nazca and I did work on geoglyphs south of there. They can be viewed from hills nearby, not only from the air as he would have us believe. Anyway, I figure that if I know for a fact that he is lying about one thing, I can reasonably assume he would lie about others. It's too bad really, such interesting subject matter... view post


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