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Ilium posted 25 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Kingslayer, Candidate

By Dan Simmons. Has anyone read this book? I read it a few months ago and must say it was excellent. Cant wait for the conclusion Olympos, next year!!! view post

posted 25 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Mithfânion, Didact

I'm excited about it, but I'm waiting till Olympos is released next January to read it. view post

posted 25 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Grantaire, Moderator

Yes, I've read it. It was superb, I thought it was just as good as Hyperion- has anyone read the Hyperion series too? It was excellent, and reading Ilium just elevated Simmons even higher in my eyes. view post

posted 25 Jul 2004, 22:07 by Kingslayer, Candidate

I am almost done with Hyperion right now, its very good so far, they are still telling their individual stories still. I liked it more then i thought i would so far KS view post

posted 25 Jul 2004, 22:07 by Grantaire, Moderator

Going to read Fall of Hyperion I hope? It's just as good, though in a fairly different style (i.e. not stories). view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 01:07 by Taliesin, Peralogue

Yes, yes, read them all :) Excellent books, and I love all the literary allusions. I'm looking forward to [i:u9fbghv9]Olympos [/i:u9fbghv9] being released, and sometime I want to reread the whole Hyperion series.... view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 01:07 by Grantaire, Moderator

Actually, I haven't read Endymnion or Rise of Endymnion, are they good? view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 03:07 by Taliesin, Peralogue

They're maybe not quite as good as [i:3g99jxsy]Hyperion [/i:3g99jxsy]and [i:3g99jxsy]Fall of Hyperion[/i:3g99jxsy], but still a really good story in their own right, and they do eventually bring some more closure to the original story, after telling an entirely different (though related) one. So basically, if you think you'd be interested, by all means read them as they are quite good, but you also might end up wishing you hadn't read them, as they change some perceptions of the earlier stories. view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 13:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Ive heard quite a few good things about this but like some others Im waiting for the second part to be released so I can enjoy the novels together. view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 15:07 by Grantaire, Moderator

I'm uncertain as to why Simmons wrote the second duology Taliesin, it seems to me that Fall of Hyperion wrapped things up fairly well..that was just my impression. view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 19:07 by Edge, Peralogue

I enjoyed the second Hyperion duology. Some very cool concepts in it. As for Illium, very good read. A little confusing though, too many characters perhaps? Looking forward to the sequel. view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 19:07 by Taliesin, Peralogue

Grantaire - maybe because he knew he could make more money? ;) Or, he just had another story he wanted to tell, and I really did think it was a great story. view post

posted 04 Aug 2004, 20:08 by Alric, Auditor

Ilium... ah, it is a book that I truly love, as anyone who has been around wotmania during the last year probably knows. The blend of charcter, story and setting, not to mention blending together the Homer and Shakespeare, was marvelously done. I am a big fan of a lot of Simmons work, especially the excellent Hyperion Duology. As for Endymion and The Rise of Endymion, I would recommend them, though with the caveat that they are somewhat a lesser story than the first two. As for the reason for the second two book story, it really completes the underlying story that was merely brought to a major event at the end of Fall of Hyperion. It is the rest of the story about the Core, Humanity and freedom. Endymion, as a book, is truly excellent. view post

posted 05 Aug 2004, 23:08 by Fëanor, Commoner

I love this book...a fresh look at the Trojan war I can't wait for the second one to come out view post

posted 08 Aug 2004, 01:08 by Grantaire, Moderator

Ah Alric, that's what I had heard from others too about Endymnion. I suppose I'll look around in my state libraries for it if you recommend it. I like Simmon's writing style anyway, and the universe of Hyperion is interesting enough that a story based in the background ideas sounds good enough. view post

posted 12 Aug 2004, 18:08 by Alric, Auditor

For those interested: September 13 on Other Fantasy MB: I'll be hosting a book club discussion of [i:2yxilsuy]Ilium[/i:2yxilsuy] by Dan Simmons. The discussion should be wide ranging, and everyone is invited to participate. I posted an announcement of the discussion on the wotmania OF MB, and I included sample discussion points to mull over. You all have a little over a month to prepare, so I hope to see you all there. view post

posted 15 Aug 2004, 06:08 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Thanks for that Alric, If I pick it up and read it before then I'll see ya there. view post

posted 07 Sep 2004, 19:09 by Alric, Auditor

A reminder: I'll be hosting a book club discussion of Dan Simmons' [i:3tiamjee]Ilium[/i:3tiamjee] on Monday, September 13, at Below is a link to the announcement post I made on wotmania if you'd like to check it out, see some of the suggested discussion topics, etc. [url:3tiamjee][/url:3tiamjee] view post

posted 17 Jan 2005, 17:01 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I just read Ilium over break. Loved it! It was really quite fun to read about the Trojan war from that perspective, and the character of Manmhut (sp?) was great. Simmons did a great job of bringing a 'moravec' to life. Highly reccomended, especially to those who have read the Iliad. view post

posted 21 Jan 2005, 20:01 by Alric, Auditor

Glad that you enjoyed the book, Sovin. It's one of my favorite novels published in the past decade. Ilium is definitely Simmons at his best... and that is saying much. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 03:12 by zephyr, Candidate

I was just about to post a thread about [i:28khu19s]Ilium[/i:28khu19s] and [i:28khu19s]Olympos[/i:28khu19s] in this section, but I came across this one just in time. I keep wanting to finally sit down and read [i:28khu19s]Endymion [/i:28khu19s]and [i:28khu19s]Hyperion[/i:28khu19s] but other things just keep getting in the way. These books gave me a lot to think about for the following weeks after (and sometimes I still ponder about them). view post

Re: Ilium posted 22 Jun 2009, 07:06 by luciferi, Candidate

I enjoyed the blending of literature in Ilium and Olympos. I really like the story. The books for a variety reasons reminded me of the SNES game Chrono Trigger. Did it do that to anyone else? view post


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