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10 the most interesting things that you can get free posted 08 Jun 2007, 22:06 by uropian, Commoner

Dear forum users, I need your help, please. I get a task to write a publication. The topic of my publication is "Ten the most interesting things that you can get free". On all websites where I can find references on free stuff practically the same offers - t-shirts, free product samples, CD, DVD and other usual things. But it is not interesting to read about this. May be, somebody has met something unusual that you would get free? For example something such as this [url=]free stuff[/url:28c1ciib] or as this [url=]freebie[/url:28c1ciib]. If it is not very complicated send me please references. My email is All people who can help me I certainly thank in my article. view post


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