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The Ramblings of two SciFi geeks in the ATL posted 31 May 2007, 18:05 by Quinthane, Candidate

Quinthane, I was trying to plan a Three Seas costume party but i really want to aim for realism and authentic feel. so i ran into a few questions of a technical nature that you may be able to answer. for those who wish to attend the party attired as a Consult skinspy, is it necessary for authenticity that they dispatch the person they intend to replace? better yet, must they use the actual face of said person? if i choose to be Esmenet, given that i am not, in fact, a man, am i to *ahem* have knowledge of anyone dressed as Achamian, Sarcellus, the dude from the fish-strewn alley,...well, actually, any given Inrithi soldier or officer who thinks he recognizes me? for those who come as Cnaiur and Conphas, do we really have to take it there? as for the Whelming that i was planning for the finale, how much liquor do you think we'll need to be able to convince these people to douse their respective faces in flames? to which direction should be marching if we, in Atlanta, are preparing our own march toward Shimeh? and should we send those people we don't really like ahead of us as vulgar rabble? lastly, should i keep to that spartan diet of boiled sandals and the occasional orange peel? (it would save more of the budget for the alcohol we'll need for the Whelming...) Snapdragon --------- Hey Snap D, Not certain. The Mandate Schoolman Sleepover I threw last year didn't go over well at all. your Esmi question is one that you and your boyfriend have to work out. The number of swazonds on his arms by evenings end is entirely on your gorgeous head. I'll probably come as the NoGod if I can gather a posse of sranc. I don't know. Maybe Daybreak. Q The Logos: Without Begining or End since 2003. view post

posted 31 May 2007, 20:05 by snapdragon, Candidate

Q, still trying to work out the invitation design. and the party favors. and narrowing down the agenda. so far, have had ideas for: a Skiotha seance, to find out the truth about Cnaiur and Moenghus back in the day an all-night Fanim drum circle (like that impromptu thing that pops up at DragonCon every year) with dancing priestesses, of course a Circumfix rollerderby Steppe stepdancing pin the eyes on Xinemus...or Iyokus, if you prefer Earwa geography challenge (copies of Akka's "map" permitted) a "Men of the Mandate" bachelor auction Chorae jewelry making Consult & Dunyain face painting a Thunyeri head-swap ah, so much to do! don't know if i can truly pull it off. going to slip into my probability pants, check the odds, and will let you know when i set a date for the fest. view post

posted 03 Jun 2007, 21:06 by Harrol, Moderator

If I lived in Atlanta I would come for this. a Thunyeri head-swap. Alas I have not lived in Georgia for several years so you guys have fun. view post

Re: The Ramblings of two SciFi geeks in the ATL posted 23 Aug 2008, 00:08 by CnaiĆ¼r, Peralogue

Oh wow! I wish you were here in Toronto, and did this! I'd make sure to give you honest-to-No-God Scylvendi discipline before night's end. Booze included. I'd even bring a Xunnurit if anyone were to be Xerius. :mrgreen: view post


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