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Population posted 23 May 2007, 23:05 by Anglobotomy, Commoner

I have a good idea of the number of people involved in the Holy War, but not such a good handle of city sizes. I don't suppose you could supply us with an approximate population of such cities as Momemn, Sumna and other major centers. Would any rival the population of say Rome at its height? view post

Populations posted 17 Aug 2007, 21:08 by Fastred, Commoner

The numbers involved in the battles are enormous; simply provisioning the troops is a massive undertaking. Clearly the population of Earwa is large, and so is that of its cities (by "medieval" standards). One figure we have (from the Toll of Days) is that 20,000 is 4/10ths of the population of Gerotha: thus Gerotha had a population of around 50,000. 50,000 is a *large* population for a pre-Industrial city. Scholars continue to debate the actual population of Rome - while some continue to claim 1 million, the *logistics* of feeding 1 million people, even with the annual grain supply and handouts (the "annona"), this would have been a very difficult task. view post

posted 21 Aug 2007, 12:08 by White Lord, Subdidact

I think Scott already answered this a good while ago. From what I can remember the Three Seas have an overall population of around eighty millions, much like the Ancient North before the Apocalypse. The major cities' populations would be around two hundred thousand, the largest of them being Carythusal, with a population close to a million (on festival days) which would mean a stable population of at least half a million. view post


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