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Question for Mr Bakker: References posted 18 May 2007, 11:05 by kariyas, Commoner

Its no mystery that the Holy war is in reference to the first Crusade etc, and alot of the battles and themes follow a certain part of history we come from, other than the magic stuff, who knows even that :p Its interestiing to see alot of Authors relate to history like the crusades in there books as a core theme. I must say Scott you used it in a very different and amazing way, I cant even explain the awe I had after reading your books. I have 2 questions and would be most greatful for your answer. question 1 Did you have your heart broken severely growing up? I ask because when I Was reading how Akka came back from Iothiah to see that Esmi was with Kelhus conveyed heart break, and the way you described it was so deep. I felt the same pain I felt when mine was broken. Sorry for asking such a personal question but Im just baffled on how you captured that feeling inside so many of your readers. Question 2 The Dunyain, are they in anyway refering to Buddhists perhaps? I only ask because I am a Buddhist and alot of the descriptions and there ways seem similar. I dont mean to ask if your saying there Buddhists, I only mean to ask was that your idea in creating the Dunyain? Again I apologize if the questions are too long or too personal. And I understand if u cannot answer them. Thanks. view post


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