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Truth and Context posted 07 May 2007, 14:05 by Sokar, Auditor

I am not sure if this question has been asked before or even if this is the correct place to ask it..but has anyone found it..? I've been looking through google..but no helpful results... Anyone else more successful..? Or perhaps when Scott Bakker himself has time he could help out..? view post

posted 10 May 2007, 00:05 by RazorSmile, Candidate

Found what, exactly? view post

posted 10 May 2007, 14:05 by Sokar, Auditor

Oh sorry..i kind of thought that the topic would be sufficient to get what I am talking about... In the athour bio you can find this: [quote:3ndyu8lp] In the winter of 2000, he moved back to London, Ontario, to complete his dissertation, which is entitled Truth and Context.[/quote:3ndyu8lp] I've been looking for it through google..but no success... view post


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