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Skin-Spy Concept posted 11 Apr 2007, 05:04 by Ajokli, Commoner

Alright, I'm placing this piece here because I wasn't sure WHERE to put it, and the buggers start taking a more front role in the second and third books. [url:nut3ux3a][/url:nut3ux3a] The URL goes to my DA site, and to the artwork :) I'm not fully satistfied with the placement of the facial fingers, but it gets the idea down. Thoughts? view post

posted 11 Apr 2007, 14:04 by Madness, Peralogue

You're, obviously, an excellent artist, Ajokli. I believe the piece itself is beautiful, though, I have a friend who'd be much more adept than I to offer criticism. My only qualm with your rendition is continuity with the books. I write this as I've always interpreted the skin-spies in my minds eye to have faces basically made of two hands minus thumbs, though, no thoughts on exact digits. In my interpretation, I'd figured the digits to interlock towards the center of the face and part in the same way, revealing the skin-spies true face beneath. view post

posted 11 Apr 2007, 18:04 by Ajokli, Commoner

I'm not sure as to how many 'fingers' they have; I ended up drawing 3 on each side, and leaving the 4th for the throat possibly. As to your thoughts; interlocking instead of simply meeting might be interesting. I did try a drawing once that ended up with the nose as a meeting point for the fingers but it didn't look right, and turned out to be quite visually awkward. with the planes of the nose, and mandibles. The area I'm uncertain about is the arangement of fingers about the eyes and nose. Awkward shapes! I'm rather curious as to the biology of the skin-spies; I'm assuming they can manipulate their skin tone consciously, as well as the arangment of fat deposits to get the 'details' of who and what they're trying to mimic right. -I've got a friend borrowing my books at the moment so I don't have them tagged for reference. As said, it's just a sketch, throwing out a possible idea and nowhere near a finished work. view post

Re: Skin-Spy Concept posted 15 Mar 2009, 17:03 by Vomikron Noxis, Candidate

Hey, do you still have this art up anywhere? I was telling a friend about it who is new to the books and wanted to direct him to your work. ~rl view post

Re: Skin-Spy Concept posted 04 Dec 2009, 08:12 by Athjeari, Peralogue

I would like to see this art as well. Is there any place that I can still find it? view post


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