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Apocalypse Now posted 12 Jul 2004, 05:07 by Wil, Head Moderator

Kellhus is convinced that what comes after cannot determine what comes before, therefore he cannot be the Harbinger. I think that the Prophsey that an Anasurimbor would return at the end of the world came BEFORE Kellhus and that the Apocalypse came AFTER Kellhus, therefore he can be the Harbringer. Because what comes after can't (and didn't) determine what comes before. Note: this was after a long discussion with Sovin, so I hope it makes sense. view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 09:07 by Iceman, Candidate

To me this whole reasoning of Kellhus seemed like him trying to convince himself that he really wasn't the Harbinger, as that was something he didn't want to be. Unless the Dûnyain consider the idea of prophesies as false, unlikely since everything that comes before determine what comes after, there is no logic in the claim that the Anasûrimbor prophecy can’t be anything but false. view post

posted 15 Jul 2004, 05:07 by saintjon, Auditor

Yes at first magic threw Kellhus for a loop too don't forget. Also, the fact that he wept for Serwe, lost control of his face, shows that not all chips have fallen in Dunyain favour. Cnaiur is becoming something outside of his understanding, as evidenced by Kellhus' reaction when he emerged from the sea. It reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones' speech in Men in Black, which ended with "Imagine what you'll KNOW tomorrow." view post


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