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Your top 5 fantasy series... posted 09 Jul 2004, 08:07 by The Consult, Candidate

Hi all. Thought it would be interesting to see what all your fav series are. Mine are as follows... 1) Steven Erikson (Malazan Book of the Fallen) 2) R.Scott Bakker (Prince of Nothing) 3) George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) 4) Robin Hobb (Farseer Trilogy) 5) David Gemmell (Rigante Novels) Pretty standard list for me.... Special mentions go to RJ (well...for the first 6 WoT books, forget the rest...), Stephen Donaldson and Frank Herbert for his Dune books. Bye for now! view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 00:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Series for me are 1) David Gemmell novels (can count them all in really as there is a way to interlink the whole lot as according to DG theyre all set in the same world at different times.) 2) Steven Erikson : Malazan series 3) R Scott Bakker (not sure if I can count this as Ive only read one novel at the moment, have to wait until March for the second one :( ) 4) Sarah Ash : The Tears of Artemon series 5) Stephen Kings Dark Tower series 6) Robin Hobbs Fool series Thats about it for the mo, dont tend to read many series :) view post

posted 11 Jul 2004, 00:07 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

1. George RR Martin 2. Steven Erikson 3. Robin Hobb 4. R. Scott Bakker 5. ? view post

posted 11 Jul 2004, 00:07 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

You ask a tough question... Well, I am not going to [i:335mg6p8]rank[/i:335mg6p8] them in a particular order, but the five Epic Fantasy series that I've enjoyed most are, in alphabetical order: Bakker Erikson Martin Tolkien Oh wait, that's only four. Well, I've read more, but those are the only ones that I'm currently still enjoying. So yeah. view post

posted 11 Jul 2004, 01:07 by Kingslayer, Candidate

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin DemonWars Saga - R.A. Salvatore Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling The Drizzt Series - R.A. Salvatore Dark Tower - Stephen King Those are my 5 favorite series. But i am inclined to include top 5 author and top 5 Books as well. Top 5 Author: GRRM R.A. Salvatore Dan Brown Neil Gaiman Dan Simmons Top 5 Books: Angels & Demons - Dan Brown Homeland - R.A. Salvatore A Storm of Swords - GRRM American Gods - Neil Gaiman Ilium - Dan Simmons Edit: Bakker is on his way, i just cant give him the nod when having read only 1 book so far view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 03:07 by LooseCannon, Peralogue

In no particular order: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin The Prince of Nothing by Some Guy ;) A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan The Lord of the Rings by J R. R. Tolkien Honorable mentions: Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams The Monarchies of God by Paul Kearney The Dark Tower by Stephen King (I've only read the first three so far) Someone who hasn't really written an epic fantasy series but who I want to mention anyway is China Mieville. While I disagree with many of his views I do love his writing ability. [i:1doywq8k]Perdido Street Station[/i:1doywq8k] and [i:1doywq8k]The Scar[/i:1doywq8k] are two of my favorite books. view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 10:07 by Iceman, Candidate

Since the question was about “fantasy series” and not “epic fantasy series”, that’s what I’m going to answer. In no particular order (I’m not listing the name of the series as I assume everyone knows them anyway): George R.R. Martin Robin Hobb Steven Erikson Steven Brust R. Scott Bakker view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 12:07 by DarkMatter, Peralogue

My top 5 fantasy series (at the moment): Steven Erikson: The Malazan series George R.R. Martin: A song of Ice and Fire Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time R. Scott Bakker: The Prince of Nothing Well I only had four at the moment. I like a lot of other series but can't choose between them. view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Edge, Peralogue

In no particular order of preference Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Kate Elliot's Crown of Stars Katherine Kerr's Deverry Pratchett's Discworld I'm only excluding the obvious candidate of Prince of Nothing because I've only read one book so far. :) view post

posted 14 Jul 2004, 04:07 by Jernau Morat Gurgeh, Candidate

Hmm, for epic fantasy (and in no particular order) Gene Wolfe, The Book of the New Sun JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings Ursula K LeGuin, Earthsea Glen Cook, The Black Company George RR Martin, Song of Ice and Fire Contenders that may end up moving onto the list... Erikson (only read the first so far) Gene Wolfe, The Wizard Knight (Based on being blown away by the first of the two book series) Bakker? (Waiting for book one to arrive! I have high hopes) view post

posted 14 Jul 2004, 13:07 by The Consult, Candidate

I've been trying to get my hands on the Black Company series for a while now but havent been able to find them at any bookstore. I dont think the books are readily available in oz... :( Are they as good as everyone says? view post

posted 14 Jul 2004, 16:07 by NorthernPlato, Candidate

Hey all, guess I'll throw my two cents in: Steven Erikson - malazan book of the fallen R. Scott Bakker - prince of nothing Ian Irvine - view from the mirror (I seem to be the only person that loved the series; now if I could only get the second series) Frank Herbert - Dune books Jacqueline Carey - Kushiel trilogy J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter (I have to say, after book 4 the series really matures. I also like how she builds on existing mythologies - after all, how many kids these days pickup Homer or that other guy(can't remember!?! I'm so embarrased - being at work is a pain :P ) Well, those are mine at the moment. Fior Go Bas view post

posted 14 Jul 2004, 20:07 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I find it hilarious that almost no one has actually posted 5. They are all less or more. And, I think that sums up who we are quite well. :roll: view post

posted 14 Jul 2004, 23:07 by Replay, Auditor

Well I can only put two on my list: Robin Hobb (Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies - Not keen on the liveship ones) and Steven Erikson (Malazan Book Of The Fallen) I did think about adding WOT as well since I've reread that a few times, but there's just to much wrong with it to be part of any top list (I think if it wasn't the very first series I had ever read, I would have given them away by now). The Prince of Nothing may also go on that list, but it's too early to tell at the moment. Other honorable mentions go to Gene Wolfes books and the Dune saga, but then they are not strictly fantasy and if we move into scifi as well, I could perhaps add a couple more. view post

posted 16 Jul 2004, 16:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Im going to be reading Kushiel at some point soon, just got a copy of The Briar King and thats gone to the top of my to read pile. What can you tell me about Carey's work? Is it more a sort of girly series or is there something for everyone? view post

my favs posted 21 Jul 2004, 04:07 by steve, Peralogue

in no particular order george r r martin - ice and fire barb & jc hendee- dhampir mitchell graham- fifth ring rob newcomb- chron. of blood and bone tad williams- sorrow thorn - forgot the rest[size=7][/size][size=12][/size] view post

posted 10 Sep 2004, 19:09 by eowyn1983, Peralogue

1. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings 2. Scott Bakker's series 3. Patricia McKillip's Riddlemaster Trilogy (she writes beautifully!) 4. Robin Hobb 5. J.K Rowling I see so many people mention Erikson & George R.R. Martin here but as I have read neither as of yet...I'll have to put them on my reading list. I'm not very well or widely read in the fantasy genre as of yet but I will catch up! :D view post

posted 12 Sep 2004, 18:09 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Martin and Erikson are two of the best. I'd start with Martin. view post

posted 12 Oct 2004, 09:10 by mulch, Commoner

1, Malazan BOTF 2, ASOIAF 3, The Prince of Nothing 4, Gemmell 5, The Tamuli and Elenium by Eddings - yes I know that they are crap but they started me on this fantasy path. view post

posted 14 Oct 2004, 03:10 by Da-krul, Auditor

1. A Song of Ice and Fire 2. The Prince of Nothing 3. Memory, Sorrow, Thorn 4. The Dark Tower 5. The Whole Lot of Shannara Books view post

posted 04 Nov 2004, 03:11 by Aesmael, Candidate

Favourites? Well, lessee. . . Trying to put them in alphabetical order: Erikson's Malazan series Hobb's Farseer (Consider it tentative. I have not read the Liveship/Tawny Man, though I am sure I would like them too. But since they are indeed a continuation of this it is difficult to be definite) Martin's Song of Ice and Fire Miura's Berserk Pratchett's Discworld As someone who likes to think they have a future writing stories, there are three series which stood out to me as examples of "This is what I want to do." From Martin's work, the characterisation. From Erikson's, the worldbuilding. And from the Prince of Nothing (Did not feel right to put it on the list itself, since I have only read The Darkness That Comes Before), Kellhus. view post

posted 05 Nov 2004, 11:11 by Voland, Candidate

A Song of Ice and Fire - GrrM Tales of the Malazan Book of the fallen - Steven Erikson The Prince of Nothing - R Scott Bakker the above in no particular order. Farseer trilogies - Robin Hobb (though I haven't read book 2 & 3 of the Liveship Traders and Fool's Fate) 5th: kinda tricky, guess I'll go with Greg Keyes' Kingdoms of Thorns and Bone....for now. I'm a bit uncertain though. view post

posted 06 Nov 2004, 00:11 by sunshine, Commoner

Erikson's Malazan Series GRRM's ASOIAF Bakker's Prince of Nothing Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn The number five spot will be filled with all the series I think are just okay-ish. :) It's taken me a long time to find books that I would consider favourites. Luckily, fantasy has been improving in recent years. view post

posted 24 Nov 2004, 06:11 by Kalief, Candidate

1. Wheel of Time 2. Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen 3. Riftwar 4. Sword of Truth 5. Song of Fire and Ice Bakker didn't quite manage to sneak in there after just reading the first book view post

posted 25 Nov 2004, 17:11 by Voland, Candidate

philistine :p view post

posted 13 Dec 2004, 18:12 by Gable, Candidate

SWEET LORD GOD!!!!! I didn't see enough Guy Gavriel Kay amongst these top 5's!!! But I did see R.A. Salvatore. Put down the airport fantasy and pick up some GGK, I hightly recommend it. My top 5, in no particular order... Bakker Erikson Martin Kay, Kay, Kay Hmmm...Jordan, I guess. I mean, Rand, Mat and Perrin? You know you love them, even if you hate Jordan now. Did anyone every read David Farland's Runelords? Fantastic first book, one of the best ideas ever, then it fell to peices, terribly. view post

posted 27 Dec 2004, 05:12 by Annabel, Peralogue

Top Epic? Gosh, that is difficult. Here goes (sort of in order): 1. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings (How could it be anyone else??) 2. Guy Gavriel Kay (Fionavar Tapestry (Did you cry? I did. Though I was young when I read it. Kay's the big romantic on this list.) 3. Frank Herbert (Dune series. Yeah - I wanna be a Bene Gesserit!) 4. Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time. But, will he finish in time??) 5. David Gemmell (Rigante Series. They should have had Gemmell write the script to Gladiator - maybe then it wouldn't have sucked so bad.) And, some others who come so close: Orson Scott Card's Ender series (Does that count as epic? It must by the time we get to Speaker for the Dead); Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel trilogy, R.A. Salvatore and Michael Moorcock's Elric saga. Oh, and I have to throw this in though its not epic - Jan Siegel's Fern Capel series (all the other girl's out there - grab Prospero's Children, the Witch Queen and Dragon Charmer now!) And, in my opinion, Carey's not too girlie (of course, I am a girl). My brother in law claimed there was far too much talk/sex in it for a fantasy epic. However, the characters are memorable and engaging and the world that Carey creates is unique and pretty much unforgettable. She pushes the boundaries of the genre and I liked that. If you want to read something a bit more conventional by the same author, try her new Banewreaker series. view post

posted 07 Jan 2005, 08:01 by Faelcind Il Danach, Peralogue

Top four finished Series J.R.R Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings Robin Hobb: Farseer Trilogy Guy Gavrial Kay: Sarantine Mosiac Patricia A. Mckillip: Riddle master of Hed Top Two unfinished George R. R. Marting: A song of ice and fire R. Scott Bakker: The prince of Nothing I never thought I would say it but both of those last two could end up on par with tolkien have to wait till there done before I rate them completely though. view post

posted 12 Jan 2005, 19:01 by lfex, Peralogue

Lord of the Rings Prince of Nothing Chronicles of Thomas Covenant A Song of Ice and Fire Malazan Book of the Fallen In no particular order. Depends on the mood, really. view post

UHHH posted 23 Jan 2005, 00:01 by ilana richardson, Candidate

shockingly my number one pick doesn't seem to be listed. Something wrong there. 1. Margaret Weis/ Tracy Hickman "dragonlance" series 2. Margaret Weist "Star of the Gaurdian" series 3. R. Scott Bakker "PoN" 4. George R.R. Martin "Asongoficeandfire" series 5. David Eddings "belgariad" I don't read eddings as much anymore but he's what started me loving fantasy. He's an incredible author and i read his books many many times when i was younger. I enjoy Bakkers now because my tastes have developed but to not give eddings props seems to me very wrong. Worth looking at. Richard A. Knaak "Diablo" series. Definately worth a look, not as developed as Bakker obviouisly, but still fun and dark. And of course my all time favorite fantasy comedy writer, the funniest comedy writer of all time - Terry Pratchett view post


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