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Ok, finally done! Trilogy review. posted 14 Jan 2007, 05:01 by shadow9d9, Candidate

Quick review of all three books. Book 1. Slow, but interesting start. It continued to build up to a satisfying climax, however I felt the last 30 pages were non-essential and kinda dragged. Great characters, perfect mix of philosophy without dragging down the flow. Book 2. Starts off a little too slow. Nothing much happens for the first 100 pages. Picks up nicely afterwards and continues to build up until the very last page. Favorite book in the series. Great twists, story, characters. Again, good mix of philosophy/introspection without hammering the pace. Book 3. Starts off absurdly slow. I felt nothing much of interest happens for the first 200 pages with a handful of exceptions. WAY too much philosophical introspection which completely bogs down the pace. Much of this had been dealt with over and over(Achamian's feelings for Esmenet). After page 200, the book picks up nicely, with an amazing final 110 pages. Very interesting and complex ending(As long as the series continues!). The final battle was a tad confusing, but perhaps it is my lack of reading skills that made it confusing. Note: It is OK to write a 250 page perfectly paced book rather than a 400 page stretched one! I got the feeling that it took a little while in the 2nd and third book for Bakker to find his groove. However, once he found it, he did spectacularly. I hope the next duology/trilogy continues this story. It better! Also, in case it sounds like I dwelled on the negative, I wanted to add the following: This trilogy is tied as my favorite series/books. I loved the characters/depth/interesting philosophy(up until the overdone third book introspections/analyzations). The trilogy had anAmazing, complex, intriguing, well thought out story and I EAGERLY await Bakker's next books!. view post

posted 17 Jan 2007, 05:01 by TheDarkness, Peralogue

I like the analysis, honest and to the point. I would have to say that i agree that there are some slow parts to the trilogy, but i would also say that slower parts of books are necessary for common life and functioning. If all three books were as fast past and rivetting as the last 110 pages of book three, how many of us would actually find time for working, eating, sleeping or breathing. Now im obviously being a little extreme but i feel that slow parts in books allow is to put down the book and turn off the light before the alarm clock is reading 4 am. One must also savour the book and all its depth and passion. The slower parts also allow time for further character development and plotline enhancement. I look forward to reading this series again in the future. view post

posted 31 Jan 2007, 15:01 by shadow9d9, Candidate

: ). Can't wait to the followup.. What happens with the consult!? view post


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