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TWP Spoilers? posted 03 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Now I know this is considered a spoiler forum for TDTCB, but is it also a spoiler for TWP? Some topics overlap and could use reinforcement from the second book, but then this would close this forum to newcomers who have only read the first. What are your feelings? view post

posted 03 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Replay, Auditor

Better not to post spoilers on here as there will be many who have only read the first book and not the second. Perhaps if anything does tie into what someone asks, then it maybe best if we could somehow hide what is typed i.e. require the readers to highlight the text to see it. Not sure if it is possible with this forum, but it does work well elsewhere. Perhaps you can do a search for a plugin. view post

posted 05 Jul 2004, 19:07 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

You can change the font color. Use [ color=#2B2B2B]spoiler text[/color]. This will make the text background color. Enclose the spoiler text in dashes, like this: -- [color=#2B2B2B:2cofzskl]Spoiler text here. You can highlight this text and then use the pulldown menu to change it to any color, then replace the color with the hexadecimel value (#2B2B2B).[/color:2cofzskl] -- That does it. view post

posted 05 Jul 2004, 21:07 by Kingslayer, Candidate

considering im still a year away from TWP (doenst come out till 2005 in the US) i would like to play in this forum without worring about spoilers just my thought. view post

posted 07 Jul 2004, 00:07 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I would recommend then that they be avoided except when strictly necessary. The only limitation is that many theories incorporate support from both books. view post

posted 29 Dec 2005, 14:12 by Harrol, Moderator

sorry that last post was me. view post


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