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The next translations in french! posted 10 Jan 2007, 02:01 by Délirius, Commoner

Hello, I am a fan of your novels but I talk only french (I live in Québec), when the next two book of your trilogy will be disponibles in french?Thank you for your great work and scusy for my bad english... :P view post

posted 03 Feb 2007, 23:02 by Délirius, Commoner

Please, can you reply? :P view post

posted 04 Feb 2007, 23:02 by Scariot, Commoner

I tried to find out when it would be published, but unfortunately I don't speak French and I couldn't navigate the Publishers website very well. The best I could do is find a webpage where you can contact the French Publisher and possibly ask them directly. I hope that helps =) view post

posted 05 Feb 2007, 02:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Scott hasn't been around on the boards since last spring so you aren't likely to get an answer from him anytime soon :) view post

posted 07 Feb 2007, 00:02 by Délirius, Commoner

Ok, thank you for your help! :P view post


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