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Kellhus and the Gnosis posted 04 Jan 2007, 18:01 by Sea_Cucumber, Candidate

Now, I've been perusing the forum, and it seems to me like everyone seems to think that Kellhus has mastered the Gnosis. Maybe I missed something, but it seemed to me that Kellhus, rather than having mastered the Gnosis, simply expanded beyond what anyone has ever done, with what he knew at the time. If Sorcery is intellect, Kellhus' intellect should have been more than a match for the heart driven Psukhe of the Cishaurim. Based on how often Kellhus is better at everything than everyone else, it seems to me incongruent that he should have mastered the Gnosis, and yet was unable to use it to defeat the Cishaurim (although, they were the very best). It seems to be more like he elaborated on what he already knew, and combined it with his other prowesses (skill with the blade, ability to read people) in order to overcome the Cishaurim. The only real example we see of him using sorcery has him not really doing anything powerful, so much as complicated; weaving two inutterals together to change the nature of a more basic spell into something he could use to his benefit. view post

posted 04 Jan 2007, 20:01 by Harrol, Moderator

You are right he still has much to learn. Akka had not taught him everything but certainly enough to stay alive. Now the Kellhus we see in AE will have mastered and expanded upon the gnosis. view post

posted 02 Jul 2007, 10:07 by Tar.Aldarion, Candidate

We do not know that Kellhus was not just faking that he could not overcome the Cishaurim to kill they easily by surprise. Also what may have looked like Kellhus just powering his wards was him using an utteral and two inutterals to transpose himself, so he may have just chosen that way to kill them. He does not need Achamian to teach him the Gnosis any longer, as he is more powerful and is teaching himself. view post


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