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Three Seas Beastiary posted 03 Jan 2007, 20:01 by ElricOfMelnibone, Commoner

After reading the three books I was left awed, but I have to say that it would be really cool if there was a Three Seas Beastiary. There are some fairly obvious references to Dragons (or which I would like to know more of their history in The Three Seas Kingdomes) but also creatures such as the Sranc and Bashrags dont get much explanation, so its hard to visualize what they actually are. The glossary at the back of the books should be put at the front too! I didnt realise there was one there until the back of the first book!!!! lol. Perhaps the mod's could create a forum section just for the creatures???? view post

posted 03 Jan 2007, 21:01 by Gringo, Commoner

A picture of a Scranc would be pretty awesome. I thought Non-men looked like Chaos Warriors. All armour and pretty much no flesh showing. view post

posted 03 Jan 2007, 22:01 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

I could run it by the the admins to get a bestiary section, but I really dont see the point, I too find the Sranc, Bashrag, and Wracu(Dragons) fascinating, all of which happen to be creations of the Tekne, but there is only so much that could go into a section about three creatures. A quick search will reveal for you however that there are quite a few topics about Sranc and such. If you give me a good reason for a bestiary section I will try to get you the section. view post

... posted 10 May 2007, 21:05 by Anglobotomy, Commoner

A quick description of a Bashrag right here in this forum would be pretty cool. I think I've got a good idea of the appearance of other strange races of the world, but the Bashrag eludes me. How bout it Scott? :D view post

posted 11 May 2007, 07:05 by Jamara, Auditor

Too true Anglobotomy. After rereading specific sections several times, I have a good idea about Sranc, and with Wracu there are only so many deviations from the norm. But what the hell are Bashrags? There is absolutely no reference to their physical description (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) or of their powers, merely their origins. view post

posted 11 May 2007, 10:05 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

I believe they are in one of Seswatha's dreams in TfT. Edit:Page 4 of the Hardback to be specific. [quote:108e1as7]Long black hair streamed from fist-sized moles that pocked its massive frame. A vestigial face grimaced from each of its great and brutal cheeks. Without warning it stood- each leg three legs wielded together, each arm three arms- ......[/quote:108e1as7] view post

hmm posted 11 May 2007, 23:05 by Anglobotomy, Commoner

I totally remember that now that someone's pointed it out. Thank you so much. view post


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