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Eragon posted 01 Jan 2007, 07:01 by Anonymous, Subdidact

Ok, I just wasted 103 minutes of my life and 9 of my hard-earned dollars on the movie Eragon... I have run across his books in the stores for the past year or so, and every time I pick one up to leaf through it, I get a bad taste in my mouth, and so have avoided buying any of them... I think it is the names he uses... It feels like he is ripping off names from authors who are actually good... Anyway, my mind is now firmly made up that I will not be buying any of his books... Arg!!! That movie just made me mad. Should've known that a 19 year old kid couldn't be anything more than a try-hard paint-by-numbers wannabe hack! The kid just stole good parts of other people's books and mushed them together! Now, the point of my whole post was to issue a big THANK YOU to Scott Bakker for writing such a refreshing and unique series of novels, actually worthy of the word 'novel'... The time, background knowledge, and research that you obviously put into your work definitely comes through in the reading... It is perhaps bad works of fiction like the Eragon series that makes one appreciate the good writing that is out there... I anxiously and eagerly await the arrival of 'The Aspect-Emperor' story arc... So, in summary, save yourself $9 and don't go see Eragon... I felt embarassed for so many people while watching it, not the least of which were Jeremy Irons, and my fellow canuck Avril Lavigne, who got suckered into being involved in this movie... I wish this Eragon kid-author had spent a few more moments pondering the repercussions of his borderline plagiarism in the empty darkness that came before his releasing such an abomination on the world. Hopefully there is a special place reserved for him in Golgotterath... Peace out. PS. Frick - The kid didn't even bother rearranging the letters in the character 'Arya' - He just stole it straight outta GRRM! Garrrrr!!!! Arg!!! And Galbatorix!!! All he did was take Galbadia from Final Fantasy and Vercingetorix, chieftain of the Gauls, and splice their names together... Ok, I'm done now. Thanks for listening. Scott Bakker rules. Happy New Year all... view post

posted 02 Jan 2007, 00:01 by Nauticus, Auditor

Yeah, I pretty much agree. Though I realized the plotline for Eragon was so horrible that I couldn't even imagine, imagining myself considering to ponder the possibility of a chance of me seeing the movie. view post

posted 02 Jan 2007, 20:01 by Harrol, Moderator

Thanks for the warning I will not waste any time on it. view post

posted 03 Jan 2007, 14:01 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

i was planning perhaps on seeing it just for the visual effects... maybe if it comes out in the 2nd run theatre and i only have to spend $5. view post

posted 15 Feb 2007, 14:02 by Curethan, Didact

Dragon.... Advance the letter d to e.... WARNING WARNING AVIOD AT ALL COSTS! DANGER DANGER! Thats as far as I got re the book. I succesfuly ignored the movie too. If you couldn't smell the truck load of crap coming, you deserved what u got. view post

posted 06 Mar 2007, 22:03 by Holsety, Candidate

Ok, seriously, I just have to say...I don't care if a work is unoriginal. Well, I care, but I can deal with a lack of originality. It's widely acknowledged that most good authors steal stuff from other authors, and a lot of writing is influenced by other authors. I'm not saying this is universal, or that any author who doesn't steal is bad...but it's not a problem to steal ideas, as long as you apply them effectively and produce something else. You should at least acknowledge people if a person's idea made up an absolutely crucial aspect of your work and you're aware of it, but frankly I doubt anyone can be sure of everyone who has influenced their work. You don't even have to beat your predecessors. But Eragon sucks. Besides being unoriginal, it's just not good. It doesn't do anything particularly interesting with the fantasy genre. It's worse than its successors (at least, those I've read and seem to have ties to it) in pretty much every way. I don't know why, but I also read Eldest, which was also really bad. My least favorite part is when Eragon gets super-powers. Basically, he trains at an elf kingdom for a year, and he's still weaker and more useless than pretty much any of the elves. So then this tree transforms him during a ceremony and he's magically stronger and better. Basically, the author's point seemed to be that hard work and willpower do fairly little, but if you've got a kickass destiny and can find a magic tree, you'll become a hero of the ages. view post

posted 25 Mar 2007, 03:03 by Zarathinius, Auditor

One of the critic's reviews said "Lord help us, there's going to be a director's cut, isn't there?" I think I kinda-sorta liked them at the time because it sounded like something [i:14dabj7f]I[/i:14dabj7f] might have written, being a young'un. The nagging feeling of "that idea came from a different story" persisted pretty much from cover to cover, though. I might not have minded if he took his ideas from more obscure sources, that way I mightn't have noticed. In addition to names and plot devices being either stolen or lame creations, the very beginning of the book is yawn-inducing, with some babble about the bad guy shooting "energy bolts" out of his palm or some such nonsense. Not bolts of fire, nor flashes of red light, but "red energy bolts." *snore* view post

posted 26 Mar 2007, 08:03 by Jamara, Auditor

Worse than Goodkind? view post

posted 31 Mar 2007, 23:03 by Anthorn, Candidate

Oh yes he is alot worse than Goodkind, At least Goodkind had an original thought in his head when he wrote his books. Paolini when he wrote Eragon (Name among other things stolen from pern.) just went oh, i will take a little bit of Star wars, Lord of the rings, A scene from David Eddings a magic system from Earth sea. And call it 'MY' Story. Plus Add insert of me. The OMG he so perfect Eragon. My Hot Leather chick. Arya and walla. PAOLINI would not know original if it slapped him. view post

posted 01 Apr 2007, 02:04 by Jamara, Auditor

Goodkind had original ideas? He was just copying Jordan (who copied allot of Herbert). view post

posted 01 Apr 2007, 10:04 by Anthorn, Candidate

But Goodkind did not set out to Copy Jordan, then claim he made everything up himself did he? view post


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