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Anne Rice- over discriptive thinly veiled gay porn? posted 30 Dec 2006, 05:12 by paddyenglish, Candidate

I must say yes, as you can see this is a loaded question, i was forced to read these books by people i trusted with literary opinions, now they are definately off my x-mas card list, i read the first and thought that if she took out half the descriptive useless meandering devises she'd only have 20 pages of a book left, "they get better" i was told lies all lies. of course this may only be my opinion, but i would like to know what you all think, if you've read them that is.....and if not DON'T view post

posted 03 Jan 2007, 14:01 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

the only books of hers i read have been erotica, so they were definitely not veiled at all. :lol: but that's the general gist i get from the people that do read her books... but they like that sort of thing. ;) view post

posted 04 Jan 2007, 00:01 by alhana, Auditor

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy was openly sexual and did include some "gay" images. The Vampire Chronicles....well there is always some overt sexuality associated with vampires, even when it is bloody and gory. I read a historical fiction that she wrote, Feast of All Saints, or something like that. It was descriptive and sexual only in that it dealt with the human emotions of the characters and since most humans express sexual thoughts and emotions, then yes it talked about sex and some of those scenes had implications of gay sex in them. I think her husband influenced her writing and perhaps some of her "gayness" was from his fantasies. Of course, I have no proof, that is just my own interpretation of her work. *edit* I also remembered that I had read about a year ago Anne Rice has become a "born again christian and will no longer be writing such filth". Her husband died of cancer about 4ish years ago and her writing really took a dive after that. view post

posted 13 Jan 2007, 17:01 by AjDeath, Didact

I can describe her writing with one word. Poop. I don't care about the sexual crap, fact of the matter, poop. view post


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