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I have an illness posted 24 Jun 2004, 09:06 by Damaen, Candidate

I bought Warrior Prophet at 4:30pm june 20th from work (Chapters/indigo = devil) and had it finished at 6am on the 22nd. I then read David Gemmell's "swords of night and day" in the morning and i just finished it. 2am on the 24th. Which is odd, cause i worked the 21st, i have friends and a girlfriend *gasp* and other hobbies. I still need to get out more. and read less. And stop working at a huge bookstore. maybe i'll take up heavy drinking. view post

posted 06 Jul 2004, 12:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

You read a couple of books in a few days and claim that you need to get out more? I really wouldn't worry about it, now when you hit reading 15+ books a month and go out with the mrs, meet your freinds then you have something to worry about....... hang on a mo, eeeerrr, perhaps you dont need to worry about anything, its perfectly normal. lol :P view post

posted 08 Jul 2004, 20:07 by Edge, Peralogue

I'm sorry...a life outside books? :? I don't understand this concept ... :? view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 00:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Theres no such thing as a life out of books. lol To be honest the thing that I like about this particular line of books is the fact that theyre a good way to escape modern life and giving you a sense of justice. view post


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