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The Space Channel posted 16 Jun 2004, 13:06 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Just yesterday I did an interview for the Space Channel, which is Canada's version of the SciFi Channel in the US. What they do is make little clips to use as fillers (called 'Shelf Space'), so there's no saying exactly when my homely and pendantic ass might float across your screen. You might want to have a blanket or the remote ready just in case. At the very least, send the children to their rooms... Just a note: for some reason the guy with the camera filmed me while laying on the grass, so I might look as though I'm like, ten thousand feet tall. It's just an illusion. view post

posted 17 Jun 2004, 02:06 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Will somebody tape it if they see it? I would really like to see it but I'm here in the US. For that matter, if someone gets a digital copy and it's legal (which it probably isn't) we could post it. view post


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