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OMG posted 04 Dec 2006, 05:12 by TheDarkness, Peralogue

Ok Ok this is gettin a little hard to keep up with. While i respect each of yall for your input and intellegence, I have not been able to keep up with all the replies you have posted. I have glanced and noticed your ability to transfer energy. While i have no doubt that you are sincere in your posts, I know that things like energy transger and hyonotism can be extremely subjective. I hope you dont take this as insulting, but i would like to hear about some more experiences that you have had that makes you so sure you are essentially powerful beyond normal human capabilities. I would also like yall to consider the miracles that Jesus performed. Tell me what you think. Walking on water, feeding thousads with one loaf, turning water to wine. To me these powers seem very similar to that of sorcery. Can Jesus be looked at as a damned soul in the times of the Romans much like we would damn him now? Be very careful what you ask for, for sometimes they may come! view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 07:12 by Sorcerous-Words, Auditor

first of all...i dont believe all of what the church and christian religion claims...i dont feel to go into great detail...but yes in his times he was persecuted...i believe more out of fear of loss of power than has more power than law on people. as for your words of above human is not at's something everyone with an open mind can do... it freaks many people out when they are shown it at first...but then they understand...i dont know exactly how to explain it. as for extended this energy and forming or affecting other things such as jesus supposedly did...i believe it is possible to some extent....but not really that immensity... Im not sure...i havent done it in 6 years and finally have a day off work tomorrow in which i will thoroughly meditate on these possibilities. I will also tempt to do it again...and push myself i had intended long ago...cultivation of such things takes a long time though...and it will progress slower since i work about five 12 hour shifts a my schedule calms down a lot more i will procede more seriously. however, if you have any particular question of anything i have said regarding this i will answer it to the best of my abilities....unfortunately some things are harder to explain than others....however, i will do my best view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 13:12 by Harrol, Moderator

Well as far as Jesus is concerned it was not sorcery. I speak as a Christian and not through logic or reason but rather faith. Jesus according to the Bible is God Almighty made flesh. Therefore having all power He is able to speak things into existance i.e. healings, walking on water and turning water into wine. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 17:12 by Sorcerous-Words, Auditor

neither of us had said that what jesus did was sorcery, I believe we were using it more of a measuring system than anything else. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 17:12 by Harrol, Moderator

As far as I can tell Jesus was seen as being damned by the religious leaders rather than by the Romans. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 17:12 by Sorcerous-Words, Auditor

correct me if im wrong....but didnt the king order his execution? view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 18:12 by TheDarkness, Peralogue

well here is how it goes. the roman empire at the time of Jesus was already more than a thousand years old and spread throughout most of modern day europe. The emperor at the time was Claudius, who probably did not know of Jesus at all, he had imperial politics to worry about. The provincial king at the time of Jesus' birth was King Herod, if you remeber he ordered the killing of all boys under the age of three because his advisors told him of the Jewish prophecy, that a jewish king would be born when there appeared a bright star in the sky. Being king herod did not want anyone going for his throne. Now the Jews of the day did not want to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, especially because he was humble. They saw him as a false prophet (much like someone we know) and wanted him executed, but because Romans ruled the land, they dispersed the punishments. the jews were given a choice, free Jesus or Barabas, a murderer. They chose to free Barabas, Pontias Pilot was the provincial governor who over saw the proceeding, he washed his hands of the mess and allowed Jesus to be crucified. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 18:12 by Sorcerous-Words, Auditor

that is how i understood it... but back to the original converstion darkness....what would you like to know...are you in disbelief of our conversation...or would just like justification....if so ask specific questions so i can give specific answers. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 19:12 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

I would say you should create two posts that deal specificly with both of your questions Darkness. One post should be used for those who feel that they have experienced something like SW and Cordelia and want to share their experiences with it, etc. The other post being concerned with Jesus and his powers. view post

posted 04 Dec 2006, 20:12 by Sorcerous-Words, Auditor

I agree. That is the best way of going about it. I would like to hear more from people with other experiences view post

posted 05 Dec 2006, 04:12 by Cordelia, Auditor

This interests me, I don't know if it is actually related to this topic very much, but I take an interest in Jesus and the Bible as well. I am religious, I take an interest in the Bible, etc. like I said... though I also take an interest in "magic" and things that are not necessarily of this world. I sometimes find myself thinking if this means I am damned or not. Some say that if you at all believe or are interested in say, the occult, you basically go to Hell... others think that God is more understanding and what not. Maybe I should create a new topic about this one. view post

posted 05 Dec 2006, 23:12 by Sorcerous-Words, Auditor

when you do. i shall comment upon that then view post


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